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by: conrad_a_bedford


Thanks to Joss Bancroft for the report.

Both teams failed to field 11 players for last Sunday’s encounter in Sonseca, with key regulars missing from each side. Sonseca won the toss, and decided to bat.

The openers (Irfan and Zeeshan) got them off to a great start, taking advantage of the reduced number of fielders to rattle off 50 from the first 8 overs without loss. From this point, the momentum swung, with opening bowlers K. Seshut (4-39) and R. Goldsmith (2-47) manging to find their line and length and to take a series of quick wickets against the attacking batsmen.

The nine men of Madrid looked well on top, having reduced the ten men of the opposition to 80-7. Sonseca then bounced back, with tailenders Fasil, Waqid and Waqas (40) doubling the score for the last two wickets, to reach a total of 160 all out from 24.4 overs.

Despite frustration of the wagging tail, Madrid recognized that they were still well in the game. And they looked to be on course for a comfortable victory when the openers Clark (30) and Malik (37) added 62 in 13 overs, before Sonseca captain Rizwan make his first breakthrough.

From this point the game ebbed and flowed, with Madrid closing in on a relatively modest target. However, Rizwan’s accuracy and movement regularly pegged back the run-chase, until he had single-handedly removed the first seven batsmen (eventually finishing with a memorable 7-44).

Madrid continued to edge towards the target, and it was not until the penultimate ball of the final over that Sonseca`s target became unreachable. However, a pointless run-out on the final ball converted the result from a winning draw to a 7 run victory for the side from Toledo province, placing them in a strong position to contest the top spot of the Madrid league with Madrid United.

Thanks to both teams for an entertaining match, which was played in a great spirit.


MATCH (Home Team) Madrid CC   2nd XI   VERSUS (away team)   Sonseca    
Date: 25th   May 2014   Venue Sonseca      
Toss   won by  Sonseca  who elected to bat Umpires None      
Innings of Sonseca   Scorer None      
Name of Batsman How out Bowler     Total   Score
(give initial first)            
Irfan Bowled K.Seshut     20  
Zeeshan Bowled K.Seshut     20  
Imran Bawa CT Malik R. Goldsmith   6  
Aslam Bowled K.Seshut     0  
Imran M LBW A.Sarangapani   0  
Sohail Bowled R. Goldsmith   0  
Rizwan Bowled K.Seshut     9  
Fasil Not Out       15  
Waqid Bowled A. Sarangapani   8  
Waqas Bowled I. Blake     40  
N/A N/A N/A     N/A  
EXTRAS Byes  3    Leg Byes 9  Wides 29 No Balls 1 Penalty Runs     0  
      TOTAL SCORE (for wickets)     160
Fall of Wickets Name of Bowler   OVERS MAIDENS RUNS WICKETS
1 K. Seshut   9 1 39 4
2 R. Goldsmith   7 0 47 2
3 A. Sarangapani   5 0 27 2
4 J.Bancroft   2 0 21 0
5 I. Blake   1.4 0 14 1
Innings of Madrid CC 2nd XI            
Name of Batsman How out Bowler     Total   Score
(give initial first)            
L. Clark Ct. Keeper Rizwan     30  
V. Malik Bowled Rizwan     37  
V. Medina Bowled Rizwan     1  
J. Healey Bowled Rizwan     2  
I. Blake LBW Rizwan     18  
K. Seshut Run out       23  
R. Goldsmith Bowled Rizwan     8  
A.   Sarangapani Bowled Rizwan     4  
J. Bancroft Not Out       10  
N/A N/A N/A     N/A  
N/A N/A N/A     N/A  
EXTRAS Byes  9    Leg Byes 0  Wides 11 No Balls 0 Penalty Runs     0  
      TOTAL SCORE (for wickets)     153
Fall of Wickets Name of Bowler   OVERS MAIDENS RUNS WICKETS
1 Waqas   4 0 22 0
2 Waqid   3 0 20 0
3 Aslam   9 0 28 0
4 Rizwan   15 0 44 7
5 Imran M   5 2 18 0
6 Imran Bawa   4 0 12 0
RESULT     Penalty Run    
Home team total points   Away Team Total Points      
8   18        
Points deducted and reasons   why    Points deducted and   reason’s why  
None   None        
Points   awarded and agreed between both captain and Points awarded and agreed between both   captain        
umpires                                                        POINTS and umpires     POINTS
Form completed by (BLOCK   CAPITALS)   John Howden, CE Secretary        
    Calle Eucaliptus 9, Buzon   2827    
JOSS BANCROFT   03724 Moraira      
complete and post or e-mail   to    jhowden999@yahoo.co.uk        


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