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by: conrad_a_bedford


Levante found the going tough in their first Premier league game of the season, losing heavily to Alcorcon by ten wickets.

Batting first the team from Valencia could only muster a total of 154 all out. On a fast La Manga outfield it was always going to be a sub par score but they were at least hopeful of collecting some bowling points.

However, Alcorcon’s Spanish international Tariq Ali had other ideas and hit a fantastic 105 not out. Well supported by the other opener the Madrid based club knocked off the required runs without the loss of a wicket.

In the three league games since Levante entered the premier league Ali has had scores of 119, 101 not out and 105 not out respectively for a current league average against Levante of 325. Before the return fixture later in the year at the VCG the Levante bowlers will have to work on ways of geting the opener out early.

Levante batsman Rhys Morgan offers this little ditty on the game …


On a windy June morning in La Manga resort,


Warriors gathered with only one thought,


How will we get him? Is luck on our side?


At least no one can say that they never tried!


The toss was a tail but Scott called a head,


Tony just wished that he’d stayed in bed.


They put us in, on a wet concrete track,


And soon Captain Caveman was walking back.


Next came Graham all swish, swash, bang,


Chipped it to mid-off and ‘Good catch!’ they sang.


Along came Morgan, stoic and stout,


Away swinger, away swinger, in swinger…out!


Thank Boycott for Barry, straight batted and true,


As the rest of the top 4 is a motley crew.


Then a ray of sunshine, a break in the drizzle,


As out strode Fazal, or is his name Fizzle?


He swatted the bowlers around with glee,


While Bazza dug in like a dog dwelling flea.


Disaster struck when Fizzle was gone,


Quickly followed by Usman , oh dear, how wrong!


In came Kiwi Dave (the real one you see),


Who started to rebuild with, Barry the flea.


They slowly rebuilt after a dreadful start,


Got us to drinks then…ooops a brain fart!


Bazza chipped it to the bowler, who tumbled,


Snaffled the ball, the top order had crumbled.


But never fear as we bat to eleven,


And the bowling really was tail-enders heaven.


But try as they might the result was the same,


150 odd all out, the batsmen to blame!


Rally his troops Captain Caveman he tried,


But we knew HE was there and inside we cried!


The wind had changed and darkness fell,


Out loped Tariq, our bowler’s hell.


Don’t worry chirped all, he’ll give us a chance,


But as usual he led us a merry dance.


Six to cow corner, four to fine leg,


Apparently our only option…to beg…


To the Gods of cricket, but they did not hear,


As he walloped our bowling into the stratosphere!


Heads fell, chirping wavered but spirit remained,


But truly, in all fairness just Tariq reigned.


The chase was achieved in chastening style,


A six over the sight screen, followed by a wry smile.


We all shook hands and bowed to a class act,


One day we’ll get him our new solemn pact.


Levante will recover; get better by a mile,


Now bring on Alfas and Scott’s new hairstyle!



by Rhys “Dylan” Morgan


Liga de Cricket del Este y del Centro, Primera Division (ECCL 1)
  P W D NR L
MADRID UNITED 6 2 0 1 3 33 63
ALCORCON 5 2 0 1 2 31 61
SPORTING ALFAS 3 3 0 0 0 30 60
MADRID 3 1 0 0 2 23 33
LEVANTE 1 0 0 0 1 2 2







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