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by: conrad_a_bedford



Well after a long break, Torre were finally back in action as Pinatar XI travelled to our ground for two T20´s, the sun was high in the sky and temperatures scheduled to hit mid 30´s.

With this in mind the toss was done and K.Wood lost the toss once again and was asked to bat first.

Mixing up the batting order slightly K.Wood opened the batting with debutante Z.Ishaq. It only took a couple overs for the first wicket to fall as K.Wood chipped the ball to long on for a simple catch. P.Singh was in at 3 to try and get some quick runs. the next over saw the debut of Z.Ishaq end as he was caught by a great catch at mid off but earned himself a nice boundary.


R.Maini was in at his normal position at 4 was watched P.Singh bolwed by a good slower ball. P.Harvey was in at 5 and the 2 new batsmen took to battle to the bowlers as the spin bowlers bolwed one to many bad balls. A Nice partnership between the two got Torre to a nice score. R.Maini after a nice cameo of boundaries was finally dismissed when he was caught.

P.Michael broke all his superstitions as he batted at 6. with only 5 overs left the boys did what they could as the openers came back to the attack, P.Harvey and P.Michael both fell in quick succession, A.Khan was in at 7 and C.Wood at 8 but C.Wood became desperate and tried a suicidal run and cost him to get run out. S.Khan was in at 9 and had the all clear to have a swing but could only manage a few runs before being bolwed. J.Khan made his debut too as he strolled out to bat. a few runs were added but the innings was finally over and Torrevieja C.C, after being 14/3 of 5 overs managed to put on a respectable 123/9.


In response, Torre took to the field and opened the bowling with S.Khan and A.Khan. S.Khan bowled some very good lines and lengths whilst A.Khan´s first over was well bowled but his second lost all accuracy and was hit for 22. A quick bowling change saw Z.Ishaq turn his arm over for the first time for torrevieja, dispite his absense in bowling for some time, it was resonably straight and quick bowling but every ball was either a fall toss or a beamer. In the event he got his first wicket for the club when one of his full tosses were cut to point where P.Michael took a nice catch infront of his face. A couple of overs from Z.Ishaq and the change was ready as P.Singh came on to the attack whilst S.Khan was replaced by R.Maini to save himself an over for the end. The 2 bowlers bowled some very good lines and lengths as both bowlers picked up 2 wickets each for the expense of 20 runs from P.Singh and 10 from R.Maini. C.Wood came into the attack on the 14th over and kept the runs down. by the 17th over Pinatar were 101/5. 33 to win in the final 3 overs. P.Singh bowled his last over for a crucial 11 runs. so the final 2 overs were left for S.Khan and C.Wood.
S.Khans first ball went for 6!!!! pressure flipped onto the shoulders of Torrevieja but S.Khan strives on this kind of pressure and the next 5 balls ripped thro the batsmen as the rest of the over went for 2 runs. 15 to win of the final over. to be bowled by C.Wood. Could the 15 year old hold his nerve. first ball a single to cover. 
2nd ball – WICKET !!! CLEAN BOWLED
3rd Ball – No Run. play and miss to the keeper
4th ball – WICKET !!! Clean bowled once again
5th Ball – DOT Ball. another play and miss through to the keeper
final ball – GAME OVER ! Another dot ball that flies through to the keeper.
Pinatar finished 110/7 with some great bowling. figures and fielding.


A great Win for Torrevieja with 10 men and the 2nd match report will be updated in the next post 🙂 youll hear from me soon.


Come on Torre !!!!



So after a nice win in the 1st T20, Torre had a well deserved break as the temperatures, as predicted, had escalated to 34º. 
Due to Work, Z.Ishaq had to leave and A.Khan had to drive him to the bus station, so Torre would start the 2nd game with 8 players until A.Khan returns. Taking advantage of this, Pinatar XI wanted to start the 2nd game as soon as possible knowing that torre would have to field first anyway and that they would only have 8 players.


So the boys had to regain their energy and take to the field once again, S.Khan once again opening the bowling and earning a wicket in the first over clean bowling G.Singh. on the other end R.Maini opened the bowling to try keep the run rate down, R.Maini picked up a couple wickets in his 4 overs as S.Khan was changed early by P.Singh. the overs ticked over with the odd bad ball being punished. R.Maini was taken off after his great 4 overs by a surprise change of bowler to P.Harvey. Some good line and lengths were bowled and boundaries were hard to obtain. The final 8 overs saw C.Wood come into the attack once more, 2 overs left from P.Harvey and 2 overs from S.Khan

A Circus of an act happened when P.Hennesey tickled the ball to short mid-wicket where P.Michael came charging to boot the ball to the keepers end. Meanwhile the non-strike batsmen H.Singh came running for a quick single whilst P.Hennesey hadnt moved, The Ball booted by P.Michael flew past keeper K.Wood to S.Khan who was at gully and dispite shouts to bowlers end, S.Khan launched the ball low to the keepers feet past him to deep square leg, P.Hennesey finally took the single, A.Khan at deep square leg also launched the ball aimlessly into the middle of the wicket when the bowler P.harvey had to back up and field the ball at cover. He held the ball and the Chaos had finally ended. A ball that was in play for almost a minute with overthrows and mistakes, Saved by some poor batsmen calling which only made 1 run in the end.

So everyone calmed down and regained control and started focusing again. The heat taking the energy out the 9 players on the field. With the score 100/4 in the 16th over, C.Wood and S.Khan tried with all their might to try keep the runs down to a mear minimum. Both bowled good lines but with wicket the spare, the batsmen werent looking for 1´s and 2´s, they were trying to score some big runs. C.Wood got 2 more wickets in his final 2 overs clean bowling P.Hennesy with a beautiful yorker and then another yorker knocking the leg stump out the ground. Dispite only having 9 men on the field in such high heats, They restraint Pinatar to 131/7 in 20 overs.

The Torre boys had a good rest except P.Michael who straight away put his pads on ready to walk out to bat immediately. Another change in the batting order as this time A.Khan opened the batting.

Couple of overs in and P.Michael was caught at long off with a big shot timed to early, P.Singh was in at 3 once again but didnt contribute much to the score before he was clean bowled the next over. P.Harvey was promoted from 5 to 4 and the 2 batsmen batted a few overs and got the score to 28 before the wicket off A.Khan fell clean bowled. K.Wood was in at 5 to help P.Harvey and the 2 put on a decent partnership of singles and boundaries. eventually P.Harvey´s fatigue under the high temperatures got to him and pure exhaustion saw a cut shot fly to cover for a decent catch. R.Maini was in at 6 but didnt even face a ball when K.Wood was hit on the pad as the ball ran to gully and a good throw got R.Maini RUN OUT as he was walking back to the crease from backing up. C.Wood came in at 7 to assist K.Wood who was taking the attack to the bowlers. 54/5 of 11 overs and Pinatar looked clear favorites. But a fight back from the Wood Brothers saw a 40 partnership accelerate in just 4 overs. C.Wood was bowled after some good batting and shots played. S.Khan came in only to get bowled first ball. So the remaining 30 runs needed fell onto the hands of K.Wood and debutante J.Khan with 4 overs remaining. K.Wood kept the runs going with J.Khan surviving making sure the game didnt end so soon.
But unfortunately it was all to much for K.Wood when the 10 RRR saw him slap a bouncer to long off for a catch to end the game. Torrevieja finishing their innings 104/8 (All out) dispite the efforts of P.harvey (18) and K.Wood (46). Maybe if we had the full 11 players we could have made a victory in the 2nd game with the extra couple of bats to throw arounf, who knows?
Thats cricket but a very Valiant Effort from Torre against a very strong team and we done our club proud.

Next week Torrevieja C.C host Pinatar XI once again but this time in the 40/40 overs league where hopefully we can get a full 11 squad and hopefully continue the good form.

Hope you all enjoy the match reports from yesterdays games, Hope you all stay safe from the heats and stay hydrated !! see you all next week. until then………HASTA LUEGO !!!


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