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by: conrad_a_bedford


Torrevieja Cricket Club Torrevieja C.C v Interllectuals C.C on Sat 10 Feb 2018 at 11.30

Torrevieja Cricket Club Won – one wicket in it …

On a cold and breezy morning the boys were straight to work when they had to quickly use their new lawn mower to cut the grass before laying the debutee FlicxWicket. 

With the visitors struggling for players a 11v9 was arranged when torre bought 2 extra players luckily.
Already starting the year good, Kieran won the toss and decided to bowl first. 

Torre took to the field for the first time in 2018 and struggled to get the momentum going when S.Khan bowled a good line and length but R.Singh received some punishment for the lack of accuracy. A change of bowling was the key when A.Khan got the breakthrough in the 11th over clean bowling opener Cormack.

C.Wood came on the other end and got the wicket of G.Shelton clean bowled and then 2 overs later a fantastic run out from R.Singh made up for his bowling with a direct hit. 52/2. C.Wood struck again in his next over clean bowling Akram, Mcgarry came to the crease to assist opener Faisal who was going strong passing the landmark 50 soon after drinks. a great partnership grew and it was time to bring back the openers which seemed to be the only way of getting a wicket, it worked when S.Khan got Opener Faisal to sky one to long off where A.Khan made some good ground to get both hands to the catch. a great knock of 86 and the first 50 on the new wicket.

Mcgarry carried his bat with Matta and between them pushed the score a few runs more before the allotted overs were finished. Intellectuals finished 131/5 after their 30 overs.

A Happy target for the Torre boys and the openers of P.Michael and R.Maini took to the crease and didn’t want to mess about when 32 was hit of the first 4 overs but R.maini was bowled after trying to hit one too many to the boundary.

P.Harvey came in and was set on setting the standards but P.Michael didn’t stay with him too long as a confused shot selection saw him bowled too. In a Surprise event, T.Knowles came in to bat at number 4 and a great partnership started which lasted 52 runs in 14 overs. Drinks came with Torre 85/2 and a change of field as R.Singh offered to field for Intellectuals…..this would be a game changer.

A bowling change saw T.Knowles sky one down the ground to none other than R.Singh!!! K.Wood came in and soon departed again hardly contributing as he was pinned LBW. S.Khan came and was OUT when the smashed the ball down the ground and was caught one handed falling over by. . . . . . . R.Singh!!!!!! 
couple more overs passed and the runs dried up as the team were stuck at 108/5

Distaster struck when P.Harvery fell slicing one backwards to gully where…..R.Singh was there waiting and took yet another catch for interllectuals !!!!!!! 

Another downfall happened when ZeeShan was clean bowled first ball and the the next over P.Singh was also clean bowled. It all looked terrible for Torre with only the youngsters left. After some amazing fielding for Intellectuals, R.Singh came to the crease with A.Khan and got some valuable runs before A.Khan was caught LBW…. 119/9…..

C.Wood came to the crease. Some very Clever and Sensible batting from the youngsters pushed some very good runs and some sneaky 2’s. Some good shots here and there to survive. Before we knew it, the youngsters had snuck the score to 129/9 with 4 overs remaining……

All the Main bowlers of intellectuals bowled out with Akram bowling his last over too. it had to be this over. He bowled a straight full toss and…………….BOOM!!!!!! R.Singh smashed the ball over square leg for 4!!!!! a nail bitting ending but Torrevieja come out on top in yet another close finish…

Next week Torrevieja play Adam’s XI in what should be a blockbuster of a match..


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