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by: conrad_a_bedford


So after a narrow victory the week before. Torre took to the field once again to face the mixed team made by Friend Adam Alger. The team consisted of players from La Manga, Alfas, Pinatar and a couple of Torre players too.

Seeming to good to be true, Kieran lost the toss and Adam decided to let the Torre boys bat first. So a quick few minutes to prepare and the boys went out to bat but were quickly dissapointed when Opener C.Guichard and P.Harvey were both trapped LBW in 2 balls in the first over by youngster T.Rumi. 

Already panicing R.Maini went in at 4 and steadied the boat with opener P.Michael. until the 7th over when R.Maini slipped one through to slip. K.Wood came in with 40 on the board. both captain and vice captain alike worked hard to push the score and maintain their wicket. 

P.Michael held his bat and scored the first 50 for Torrevieja this year. But celebrations were cut short when he toed a shot to midwicket the next over and walk back for a well earned 51. L.Gates came in for his debut and saw it throught to the 20 over mark and drinks. 95/4. the 2 batsmen continued after drinks and worked hard. L.gates being the anchor man while K.Wood pushed runs here and there. the Partnership went on till the 28th over before K.Wood was bowled by D.Scott. S.Khan came in and was informed wrong as he thought it was a 30 over game and went out swinging. P.Singh went in well informed and played sensible. Some fair play saw P.Singh LBW but A.Alger called him back after obviously seeing that he hit it first. couple overs later L.Gates was bowled but was also called back when the umpire called it a no ball due to the ball bouncing twice! Both P.Singh and L.gates held their bat till the end and pushed some valuable final runs and the team finished on 166/6 after the 35 overs. 

Very Excited about the score and the wicket looking nice and hard and flat now, Torre took to the field with high expectations. 

After last weeks poor bowing performance, R.Singh came back to his regular bowling skills with S.Khan bringing the game to the batsmen. The openers semed solid but it only took 3 overs for the breakthrough when S.Khan clean bowled S.Rumi. the very next over saw more celebrations when R.Singh got the important wicket of J.Brook. The next over was even more phenomenal when S.Khan bowled a beautiful slower ball to clean bowl A.Alger. 14/3 after 5 overs.

C.Hunt still holding his ground refusing to budge as V.Gawat came in and tried to save the day. but it was in the 9th over when S.Khan finally dismissed him for an LBW. 27/4. With the Team in distress, youngster C.Rumi came in and eased the collaspe and put on a good partnership with V.Gawat.

A Bowling change bringing A.Khan and P.Singh into the attack took a couple overs to warm up but in the 18th over saw a Plan come to action forcing a big shot from V.Gawat to sky one to cow corner where P.Harvey made a fumble but managed to catch the rebound.

A massive breakthrough for the team and so started a downfall for Adams XI, A run out a couple overs later from A.Khan to dismiss BishBash saw drinks come early. 57/6 at the 20 over mark. After drinks saw the 2 Rumi brothers bat together for a few overs, C.Wood replaced A.Khan to challenge the youngsters for youth dominance and was succesful when he got C.Rumi to chip one in the air towards R.Singh, but didnt go for the catch, C.Rumi went for the run but his brother refused which saw him turn around and even with a dive was unable to slide his bat home before the bails were dislodged. A fine knock which top scored 19 for adams XI.

The Next over saw P.Singh bowl his last over but he wanted to end it in style when he got T.Rumi to chip one back to him for a simple catch and then clean bowled A.Court 2 balls later. D.Scott and A.Dell the new batsmen which was left for C.Wood or new change of bowler L.Gates to try collect the last wicket. But in the end it was L.Gates that got the wicket of A.Dell clean bowled but only after D.Scott had some fun and hit a 4 and a single first. 

Adams Xi finished 74/10 of 28 overs.

A great performance all around from the Torre boys. And will look forward to continue their winnings ways throughout the season.

Torrevieja Cricket Club

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