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by: CricketEspana


To every club a scorer is invaluable. Sporting Alfas are fortunate to have one of the best in Spain in Ian Byrne.

Today Ian shares with Cricket España why he enjoys scoring so much ..

Scoring is an enjoyable way to watch a cricket match.  You are tuned into every ball, you can see how every player is performing throughout the game and you can overrule those pesky umpires when they forget something!!  Who doesn’t want to get one over the men in white coats sometimes, they love a gentle reminding bellow from the scorers table!

Many people look down on scoring for a variety of reasons – not interested, too much work, don’t understand it but if you sit down with a scorer for even 10 overs, you can see how easy it is to do this part of the game and add a nice experience to the day’s cricket for you.

(Ian scoring in the Spencer Dawes Memorial game)

There are different levels of scoring so don’t feel put off if you see a scorer’s pencil or pen flying around the book making obscure marks, every scorer develops their own system and as long as all is clear, you will enjoy a job well done.

Remember, any time you ask for your stats, or wonder how many you faced, or what your bowling figures were, it’s the scorer that has that information for you.

Learn the skill and help others keep track of their stats and enjoy the feeling of a “balanced book”

Ian Byrne – Sporting Alfas

(Ian swapping his pencils for a pair of wicket keeping gloves).




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