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by: conrad_a_bedford

Javea C.C. v Sporting Alfas 2     24/06/2007    
Columbus Oval                 
Umpires: Bob Clark & Brian Pitts Scorers: Claire Sunderland and Dave Myers    
Result  Javea C.C. won by 7 wickets          
Points   Javea C.C. 20   SACC2  3      
SPORTING ALFAS 2              
J. Williams   lbw b Sajid 5      
B. Seekings     b C. Matthews 6      
S. Ul-Rehman   Run Out   23      
L. Andrews   ct Braithwaite b Curness 3      
P. Merrow-Smith     b C. Matthews 13      
K. Laundon   Run Out   0      
B. Marriner   ct M.P:Matthews b Afzal  b  9      
C. Griffin   ct Hill b Sajid 34      
J. Sunderland   Run Out   11      
S. Lewis   lbw b Sajid 13      
J. Howden   Not Out   0      
    Extras b4  lb2 w16 22      
      Total 139      
Fall of wickets 1-12 (Williams)  2-39 (Ul-Rehman)  3-42 (Seekings)  4-58 (Andrews)  5-61 (Laundon) 
  6-64 (Merrow-Smith)  7-97 (Marriner) (-114 (Sunderland)  9-126 (Griffin)  10-139  
J. Braithwaite 8  0  25  0          
Sajid 7.5 0  26  3          
C. Matthews 6  0  30  2          
W. Curness 7  2  21  1          
F. Afzal 4  0  18  1          
R. Nix 2  0  13  0          
JAVEA C.C.              
W. Curness     b Sunderland 3      
M.P. Matthews   ct Sunderland b Lewis 16      
F. Afzal   Not Out   64      
A. Fisher     b Howden 19      
L. Brown   Not Out   17      
J. Braithwaite   Did Not Bat          
C. Matthews   Did Not Bat          
Sajid   Did Not Bat          
R. Nix   Did Not Bat          
P. Hill   DiD Not Bat          
    Extras lb5  w17 nb1 23      
      Total 142-3      
Fall of wickets 1-10 (Curness)  2-54 (M.P. Matthews)  3-116 (Fisher)      
K. Laundon 8  1  30  0          
J. Sunderland 8  2  21  1          
S. Lewis 5  0  31  0          
B. Marriner 2  0  21  0          
J. Howden 4  0  27  1          
P. Merrow-Smith 1  0  7  0    


Sunday 24 June          

Sporting Alfas 2  139 Javea C.C. 142-3                     


Javea claim maximum points


The Sporting Alfas 2 team failed to take advantage of a below strength and depleted Javea C.C. in its latest Cricket España League match.


Having elected to bat first, Alfas turned in a dismal performance which, with poor shot selection, and running between the wickets that would have embarrassed a junior Under 11 side, failed to produce anything resembling a challenging total.


After losing an early wicket the score was taken to thirty-nine before Seekings, who had previously bee dropped twice and escaped a run-out, was bowled by C. Matthews.  Shortly afterwards S. Ul-Rehman misjudged the fielding ability of Brown and was the first of three run-out decisions in the Alfas innings.  The score had tumbled to 64-6 by the sixteenth over before the latter order staged something of a recovery.  With Griffin (34) making the only worthwhile contribution, the final score reached a very modest 139 as the team was dismissed in the thirty-fifth over.  The most successful bowler for Javea was Sajid, who claimed 3-26.


In reply, Javea lost an early wicket to the bowling of Sunderland , before C. Matthews and Afzal took the score to fifty-four before the former was dismissed.  The rest of the innings centered around Afzal, who contributed an unbeaten sixty-four as he took his team to a very comfortable  seven wickets victory  in the twenty-eighth over.


Javea claimed the maximum twenty points from the match whilst SACC2 had to be content with three points.

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