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Saturday 14 July           Intellectuals C.C.  80   Sporting Alfas 1  84-2

Sporting Alfas 1 completed its Northern League programme with a one-sided game against the Intellectuals C.C.  Batting first the Intellectuals were soon in trouble against the Alfas opening attack and after ten overs the score stood at 18-2, with Pennick having claimed both the wickets to fall.  After Pennick and Grindey had completed their eight over spells, the score had reached 43-3, with Grindey having claimed the third wicket.  The introduction of spin bowling, in the form of  Crompton and Taylor, caused a major collapse, as Crompton claimed 5-21 and Taylor 2-15 within the next twelve overs.  The Intellectuals innings finished in the twenty-eighth over with only McInnes (23) and Kaliq (17) reaching double figures.  Although Alfas dropped a number of catches, D.P. Myers took and excellent slip catch and Howden a splendid running outfield catch. 

The reply by Alfas was helped by some wayward bowling and, although losing two wickets, victory was claimed after just eight overs, with Ali scoring twenty-six and Crompton an unbeaten twenty-five. 

Sporting Alfas 1  20 points    Intellectuals C.C.  2 points 

CE LEAGUE MATCH            
Intellectuals C.C. v Sporting Alfas 1   14/07/2007  
Columbus Oval               
Umpires: R. Kew and Bob Clark Scorers: Ms S. Hackstock and Ms D. Coleman
Result: Sporting Alfas 1 won by 8 wickets        
Points   Sporting Alfas 20 Intellectuals 2  
INTELLECTUALS C.C.            
Shan     b Pennick 1    
I. Mc Innes   ct Howden b Crompton  23    
L. McGarry   ct Ali b Pennick 6    
J. Hersh   ct Ali b Grindey 1    
C. Horne   ct D. P. Myers b Crompton  9    
Naveed   ct Ali b Crompton  0    
Javran     b Crompton  7    
Kaliq   Ct Howden b Taylor 17    
Faizal     b Crompton  0    
T. Clarke     b Taylor 1    
R. Wasley   Not Out   0    
    Extras b1 lb2 w12 15    
      Total 80    
Fall of wickets 1-2 (Shan)  2-12 (McGarry)  3-20 (Hersh)  4-47 (Horne)  5-52 (McInnes)
  6-53 (Naveed  7-66 (Javran)  8-66 (Faizal)  9-78 Cl (Javran)  8-66 (Faizal)  9-78 (Clarke) 10-80 (Kaliq)
P. Pennick   8  2  18  2        
C. Grindey   8  2  23  1        
G. Crompton   6  0  21  5        
P. Taylor   5.3  0  15  2        
SPORTING ALFAS !            
C. Grindey   ct Sub Naveed 4    
S. Ali   ct Wasley Kaliq 26    
G. Crompton   Not out   25    
G. Howe   Not Out   7    
P. Pennick   Did Not Bat        
A. Bacon   Did Not Bat        
P. Taylor   Did Not Bat        
D. Myers   Did Not Bat        
D.P. Myers   Did Not Bat        
C. Muñoz   Did Not Bat        
J. Howden   Did Not Bat        
    Extras b2 w19 nb1 22    
      Total 84-2    
Fall of wickets 1-40 (Grindey)  2-48 (Ali)      
Shan 1  0  21  0        
Khaliq 3  0  24  1        
Naveed 3  0  26  1        
C. Horne 0.4  0  11  0        

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