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Cricket Espana have received notification that next years International Over Forty competition will take place in Newport, South Wales, next July.

The International Four Team tournament includes the Forty clubs from the United Kingdom, Holland, Denmark and Spain and is played on an annual basis, with countries rotating as hosts. The tournament was first played in 1969 in Wassenaar in the Netherlands, and Spain first entered the event in 2012, when they hosted the event in La Manga.

Last year’s tournament was won by the UK Over Forty Club in Rotterdam in a closely fought contest. Next years event will kick off with warm up games on the 19th July 2015 followed by a welcome reception that evening, before the main event kicks off the following day.

Various events are penned in along with the cricket, with visits to the Roman Legion Musuem and Fortress at Caerleon, Raglan Castle, Tintern Abbey and a round of golf at Celtic Manor currently being suggested as options for non-cricketing members in the party.

Any Cricket Espana member who is Over Forty and is interested in further details of the event can contact Team Manager and the event organiser for Spain, George Wambeek at [email protected] .

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History of the Event – A Triangular Tournament until Spain joined in 2012 

Year/Country/ Venue/ Winner

1969 NL Wassenaar – ?

1971 GB Hastings – ?

1972 NL Amstelveen – ?

1973 DK Copenhagen – Forty Club UK

1974 GB Birmingham – ?

1975 NL Deventer – Forty Club UK

1976 DK Odense – ?

1978 GB Oxford – Forty Club UK

1979 NL Eindhoven – ?

1980 GB Edinburgh – ?

1981 DK Skanderborg – ?

1982 GB Cambridge – ?

1983 NL Amersfoort – ?

1984 DK Copenhagen – ?

1986 GB Beckenham – Forty Club UK

1987 NL Bloemendaal – ?

1988 DK Herning – SGS Holland

1989 GB Beckenham – Forty Club UK

1990 NL Amstelveen – SGS Holland

1991 DK Slagelse – Dansk XL

1992 GB York – Forty Club UK

1993 NL Vught – SGS Holland

1994 DK Nykøbing Mors – Dansk XL

1995 GB Ashford – Forty Club UK

1996 DK Copenhagen – Forty Club UK

1997 NL Deventer – Dansk XL

1998 GB Neston – Dansk XL

1999 DK Odense – Dansk XL

2000 NL Nijmegen – SGS Holland

2001 GB Oakham – SGS Holland

2002 DK Brøndby Strand – SGS Holland

2003 NL Utrecht – SGS Holland

2004 UK Sherborne – SGS Holland

2005 DK Herning Dansk XL

2006 UK Oakham – Forty Club UK

2007 NL Amsterdam ACC – SGS Holland

2008 DK Nykøbing – Dansk XI

2009 UK Oakham – Forty Club UK

2010 NL Deventer – SGS Holland

2011 DK Herning  – SGS Holland

2012 UK La Manga – Forty Club UK (Spain join the tournament) 

2013 DK Brondby Strand – Dansk XL

2014 NL Capelle – Forty Club UK







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