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After winning the toss and electing to bat Spain again got off to a flyer, Tariq Ali smacking a 23-ball 35 before he was caught by Swedish captain Yasir Ikram off the bowling of Sandeep Sharma. That turned out to be the top score in the Spanish innings, but with everyone else chipping in they managed to reach 190 for six.  

The Spaniards hit 17 fours and seven sixes, four of the latter coming from the bat of Farhat Mahmood, who made 29 from 12 deliveries and who shared an unbroken seventh-wicket stand of 63 with Gary Crompton. Aman Momand was the most economical of the Swedish bowlers with two for 24 from his four overs.  

Shahid Mustafa took ten off the opening over of the Swedish reply, but he was caught behind for 20 in the third, and when Sadat Sidiqi fell two balls later it seemed as if Spain were in command.  

The game however was turned by a fifth-wicket stand of 69 between skipper Yasir Ikram (28 from 13 balls with two fours and two sixes) and Chris Tebbutt, who contributed a crucial innings of 59 from 35 balls which included no fewer than six sixes.  

The match took another twist, however, when Tebbutt was smartly caught by Spanish captain Mark Spencer, the second of his four victims. That made it 162 for six, and Sweden still needed 29 from three overs with four wickets in hand.  

Azam Khalil and Khalid Ahmad took nine off the next, but with the third ball of the penultimate over Khalid was caught off Spencer, and 17 were required from nine deliveries. Aman Momand hit a six off the first ball he faced, then took two, and was caught of the last of the over, leaving Sweden to make nine off the final over. 

 Azam was run out off the third ball attempting an improbable second, and Sandeep Sharma joined Wakil Jalali with seven needed off three. Sharma took a single, Wakil was dropped at deep third man and the batsmen completed two, and then he managed to squeeze the final delivery behind backward square for the boundary which won the match and triggered wild celebrations by the jubilant Swedes. 

Marina: Semi-final

Spain 190-6, 20 overs (Tariq Ali 35, Farhat Mahmood 29 not out)


Sweden 190-9, 20 overs (Christopher Tebbutt 59)


Sweden won by 1 wicket


Spain Vs Sweden
1-Innings T20 Match Played At Marina Ground, 07-Sep-2012, ICC European Division 2
Sweden Win by 1 wkts
Round SF
Toss won by Spain
Umpires D Kenworthy and BP Papworth
Scorers J Jones and D Livingston
Spain 1st Innings 190/6 Closed (Overs 20)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
Armaghan Khan c Wakil Jalali b Sandeep Sharma 19 16 4 0
Tariq Ali Awan c Yasir Ikram b Aman Momand 35 23 5 1
JH Morgan+ c Wakil Jalali b Aman Momand 8 14 0 0
C Munoz-Mills c Sandeep Sharma b Azam Khalil 23 18 2 1
MR Spencer* c Khalid Ahmad b Wakil Jalali 23 19 4 0
Farhat Mahmood not out   29 12 0 4
Sajad Ali c Yasir Ikram b Azam Khalil 0 1 0 0
G Crompton not out   27 19 2 1
Talat Nadeem dnb        
LP Venus Valiente dnb        
Tanvir Iqbal dnb        
extras   (b5 lb8 w11 nb2) 26      
TOTAL   6 wickets for 190      
1-61(Tariq Ali Awan) 2-66(Armaghan Khan) 3-73(JH Morgan) 4-119(MR Spencer)
5-126(C Munoz-Mills) 6-127(Sajad Ali)
Bowler O M R W wd nb
Wakil Jalali 4 0 34 1 1
Khalid Ahmad 4 0 39 0 1
Aman Momand 4 0 24 2 2 1
Azam Khalil 4 0 41 2 1 1
Sandeep Sharma 4 0 39 1 1
Sweden 1st Innings 191/9 (Overs 20)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
Shahid Mustafa c JH Morgan b Tanvir Iqbal 20 13 1 2
Sadat Sidiqi+ c Sajad Ali b Talat Nadeem 7 7 1 0
Ashik Imtiaz c C Munoz-Mills b Sajad Ali 23 19 2 1
Sunny Sharma c Farhat Mahmood b Sajad Ali 10 9 0 1
C Tebbutt   c&b MR Spencer 59 35 0 0
Yasir Ikram* c Armaghan Khan b MR Spencer 28 13 2 2
Azam Khalil run out G Crompton/JH Morgan   11 11 1 0
Khalid Ahmad c Tariq Ali Awan b MR Spencer 8 5 2 0
Aman Momand c Sajad Ali b MR Spencer 8 3 0 1
Wakil Jalali not out   7 4 1 0
Sandeep Sharma not out   1 1 0 0
extras   (b0 lb3 w6 nb0) 9      
TOTAL   9 wickets for 191      
1-33(Shahid Mustafa) 2-33(Sadat Sidiqi) 3-64(Sunny Sharma) 4-69(Ashik Imtiaz)
5-138(Yasir Ikram) 6-162(C Tebbutt) 7-174(Khalid Ahmad) 8-182(Khalid Ahmad)
9-184(Sunny Sharma)
Bowler O M R W wd nb
Tanvir Iqbal 4 0 42 1 1
Talat Nadeem 4 0 15 1
Armaghan Khan 2 0 34 0
Sajad Ali 3 0 32 2
Farhat Mahmood 4 0 35 0
MR Spencer 3 0 30 4 1

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