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by: conrad_a_bedford



Intellectuals 162 all out off 37 overs.

Mojacar 12 all out off 16.5 overs. 

Whilst preparing the ground the Intellectuals’ High Command invested a large amount of time in planning their strategy. Finally it had been decided to win the toss and put Mojacar into bat. Many sound arguments had been put forward in favour of this course of action and everything was proceeding to plan until the skip lost the toss and Mojacar put us into bat. 

The best laid plans, eh. Anyway, the game commenced and a slow but steady opening was made by Butcher and Bhartiya (12) and this continued with Ahmed until the 12th over when Bhartiya finally succumbed. With the score on 29 some runs were needed and Ahmed and Stanford proceeded to supply them – a 78 partnership over 55 minutes before they were both bowled by Winter in the same over. Keeling (15) and then Morgan (17 not out) provided some runs and resistance and the Intellectuals finally posted a score of 162 after 37 overs. 

Of special note was the intelligent and aggressive running shown throughout the innings. Best figures for Mojacar were Winter with 4 wickets for 24 runs off 6 overs and Houseman 3 for 22 off 7. 

The Intellectuals’ lunch time talk suggested that whilst a modest target, if the wides could be kept down and some early wickets taken everything seemed doable. Girded with home made cherry cake courtesy of Sabine the Intellectuals took to the field. 

A maiden from Tim followed by two singles and a wide from Tanveer meant Mojacar were on 3 for 0 off 2 overs. In the next nine overs they went from thisscore to 8for 9 off 11. In his second over Tim claimed an LBW, then two balls later Tommy took a catch and in the last ball Tommy assisted in a run out by Dex (who shovelled the ball with both hands towards the stumps – it may have been a slightly forward pass but fortunately the WRU were not present to see it).

 Tanveer then took a wicket with the first ball of his over, the catch been taken by wickee Morgan. Tim continued his good work the next over, and Dex took the offered catch with aplomb. Tanveer then took a wicket with the first ball of his over, the catch been taken by wickee Morgan. 

This is not a copy paste error – the only difference in this wicket from the previous one was that this one was taken down the leg side. Tim continued his good work the next over, and deftly caught the batsman off his own delivery. A maiden from Tanveer – in total he bowled 6 maidens finishing on 2 for 3 off 8. Tim continued his good work in the next two overs, bowling a wicket in each, and finishing on 6 for 7 off 8. I say finished but not quite – moved to short mid off he took a finger tip one handed leaping catch to round off the Mojacar innings, and the Intellectuals finished with a memorable 150 run victory.


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