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Present: Elliot Dawes, Jane Dawes, Spence Dawes, Chris Horne, David Keeling, Tommy Keeling, Laurence McGarry and Tony Prior.


1. Welcoming Address and Apologies


From the welcome surrounds of Lill’s Lounge (the place to chill’wi’Lill), the president: the Intellectuals having been comprehensively defeated by 148 runs at the hands and bats of Sporting Alfas. Further apologies were made to Lill for the impromptu invasion of her lounge and on behalf of the following absent friends: Shaun Thompson (boots still firmly nailed to the wall); Graham Attfield from Newport (mission request refused, again); Kevin Mottram from Stoke (family sponsorship ‘still’ withdrawn); and Chris Horne’s son Richard (presently in Argentina – learning); as well as Iain MacInnes, Naveed, Khaliq and Shan et al. Still no apology received from Nick Isles (last known address Sydney, Australia). On a proposal by the vice-president the apologies from Thom Clark and Ric Wasley were rejected as unacceptable. Neither a weekend away (especially when you are the club treasurer) nor a spouse’s birthday (especially when she is the club scorer) was considered a legitimate apology. 


2. Approval of the Agenda


The agenda was approved.


3. Minutes of AGM 2008


The year’s events were briefly recapped, matters arising reviewed and the minutes of the AGM 2008 approved.


4. Annual Report and Financial Statement for 2008


The accounts of the previous year (2008) were presented and these were approved and confirmed as correct. Messrs. Arthur Heckstall-Smith and Mark Kennedy were assigned as auditors of the accounts. It was confirmed that the budget for the forthcoming year was expected to be more or less the same as for the previous year. 


5. Election of Executive Committee and Club Officials


The incumbent Executive Committee was discharged and the meeting unanimously voted the following new nominees into office for a period of one year: 


Executive Committee:


President: Laurence McGarry


Vice President: David T. Keeling


Treasurer: Thom Clark


Executive member: Ric Wasley


Executive member: Rhys Morgan 


Other club representatives were nominated as follows:


Captain: Ric Wasley


Vice-captain: Tony Prior/Spence Dawes


Scorers: Sabine Hackstock/Graham Attfield


Public Relations: Mark Kennedy


IT & webpage: Kevin Mottram (under supervision of Ric Wasley)


Graphic arts designer: Pete Mosback


Master Sommelier Chris Horne  


6. Annual Subscriptions


It was agreed that the annual subscription fees should be as follows:


Full Playing member € 60 (Or, € 10/match played, up to a max. of € 70).


Social member € 10


Youth member € 5 


7. Affiliation to the Asociación Española de Cricket


Fees to be paid for by the club:


Affiliation fee for club € 60


Affiliation fee per player € 6


Match fees € 70 p/m 


8. Fixtures, tours, etc. for 2009 season


The fixture list and tour proposals were presented. 


9. Inventory of Equipment


The inventory list as at the end of 2008 was presented.


10. Acquisition of additional kit


As required. 


11. Any other business


Apart from again being informed that there was no change as regards the ‘Dolores’ affair and that any possibility of her accommodating the Intellectuals CC still remained a distant dream, it was also mentioned, for no particular reason, that the Intellectuals infamous canary-yellow Twenty/20 kit had be donned by Chris Horne during an Aberconwy cricket cup match and that the Intellectuals team will be wearing it for their Twenty/20 match v Sporting Alfas on Sunday 5th April. 


12. Meeting closed


18.45ish, Premier League final score: West Ham 0 Man United 1.


Ryan Giggs wth the match-winning goal that puts United on top spot in the Premier League; not a classic match. Unlike with the Intellectuals where every match is a classic!


Signed                    Signed


Laurence McGarry     David Keeling


President                Vice President


Date: 12 March 2009                               Date: 12 March 2009






Bengali CC won the toss and selected to bat first in what was to be a 35 over match but this was re-scheduled due to 26 over per side due to time restrictions. Bengali CC made a daunting 182 runs off their 26 over with the loss of five wickets. Opener Konok made 56 not out and middle order batsman Masum made 49 runs to score the majority of the Bengali runs.After the break Cornella came out to bat and made a spirited 148 all out from 23 overs to leave Bengali winners 34 runs. Konok was again in the thick of the action and his left arm spin troubled the Cornella batsmen. He ended up with four wickets, including an hat trick, in which all the batsmen were clean bowled. Deservedly, he was named player of the match. Navid from Cornella CC was the only player who stood between Bengali and victory and he contributed 40 runs to the Cornella cause. Bengali CC’s Riaz was the captain for this match, which was his debut match for Bengali CC and his winning start as left Bengali hoping for great things in the Northern section of the league this season.




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