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by: conrad_a_bedford


 From Sussex to Redbourn via Lanzarote Cricket Association. In 80 days?


well slightly more than that. In fact it has been almost a year to the day since Sussex over 50’s arrived to become the first touring team to play cricket in Lanzarote. It was a landmark tour for lots of different reason but the most important one was that not only did the whole group, 30 of them, enjoy their 14 day stay on our wonderful island but the gentleman also enjoyed their cricket.

Something that the powers that be within the LCA were a little worried about. The reasons for their doubts were two fold. All the pitches we play on are artificial and the stadiums, although impressive structures, were not overly big. However these misgivings were quickly dispelled by the visiting captain when he pointed out that it was the same for both sides. Since that first tour the LCA has grown in strength and for 2010 are looking forward to welcoming Redbourn CC, the first of what could be 6 or 7 touring teams this year, so far.

We are recieving inquries almost at a rate of one a week which might not sound alot but when you have only had 2 touring teams in 5 years you can see the excitment growing within cricket on the island.

The LCA directorate have just selected the two teams to play Redbourn on the 26th and 28th March, with a slight change from the normal format. It was suggested that Lanzarote should try and become a difficult place for teams to come and win tour matches, so instead of selecting the usual Social XI and the best XI they have pick a 1st and 2nd XI based on performances in the recent F/15 Regional tournament.

We are hoping that touring teams will see it as a greater challenge knowing you won’t get an easy ride even though we are just 60 miles off the coast of Africa and many miles away from any really recognisable cricket centres.

Having said that any touring teams requesting slightly more social teams will obviously be catered for. If you are interested in touring Lanzarote you can contact us via the website or me directly on talbotjack@hotmail.com.

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