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Over the past 3 weeks CE has held 2 Junior Cricket Trials for players aged between 7 to 18 years of age to form Spanish cricket Squads for U11, U13, U15, U17, and U19 levels.

The first trail took place in Barcelonaat the superb Olympic park where 40 juniors took part, where we had a selection of players in all age groups, with the 2nd trial taken place at Sporting Alfas CC where we had younger players 30 in all. 

From these 2 trials plus all other recognized players in other regions of Spain, CE can now be satisfied that we can form strong squads to represent Spain in the future, at both trials we saw some outstanding players, we also have around 30 players that weren’t available for this weekend to pick from as well. 

Squads will be announced in the near future with various coaches to be selected from by main committee, 3 players from these trials have been selected to representSpainin this U17 Tournament in theIsle of Manwith possibly 1 more. 

I will be looking to arrange international matches for these squads to take part or touring schools this I hope to begin later this year but will definatley have matches arranged for 2011. 

It was pleasing to see all the hard work going on in the various regions by many volunteers who give up there own time for Junior cricket. 

As regards to the girls playing cricket, a number of girls took part in the 2nd trial will all be joining there age group squad as we haven’t enough girls of a certain age to form a an individual squad but hope to have a girl squad later this year. 

I’m aware of other juniors playing cricket throughout the other regions, where I’m waiting for regional officers to let us know who playing there so we can visit these regions to expand junior squads. 

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