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Today we share a question and answer interview with Mr. Madrid United, Ittfaq Ahmad . Questions provided by Mark Lovell of the ECL.

CE – Cricket wise how has your life changed since CoVid19 ?
IA – Frankly speaking I am little scared because of epedamic situation, not about me but about my loved ones. Cricket is my passion but we can not go out so talking about cricket with team mates and juniors is the best option to kill the time. Befor this lockdown any free time was an opportunity for us to be at nets but now i just make plans to play better cricket, to find more youngsters for our team, and find more facilities for the club.
CE – What is the toughest part of CoVid19 for you ?
IA – It is very strange that  I have to stay at home. A few weeks befor the inforcement of this confinement I started coaching Madrid United Juniors. I was completely focused on their training. I am now anxiously waitng for the day when we can go back to ground and train again.
CE – Positively, what is the best part of this, if any ?
IA – Now I have more time to think about the matters related to my personal and social life. Most part of my social life is related to cricket so I miss my team mates and friends.
CE – Who or what is your greatest inspiration at this time ?
IA – All those that are working on the front line to help out humanity at this difficult time, all those people are brave and courageous workers and those front line workers fighting to defend the people are my inspiration.
CE – What are you doing less of these days ?
IA – Sleeping less than before

CE – What was it like to play in, and captain the winning side in the recent ECL Series ? IA – It was really a very big event for me and for my team and it was great to be part of it. It was like any other international with live streaming in the tournament. My team felt proud to win this first official European Cricket Series. It is a big personal record for me as a captain and an unforgetable moment for Madrid United Cricket Club as team.

CE – What would your dream first game back be after the fight with CoVid has been won ?  IA –  I am hopefull that Madrid United Juniors will make new records in future and I will acheive some more victories as a coach. So a win for Madrid United Juniors on their first game back would be my dream game and result.

CE – What is the highlight of your career so far ? IA – Playing in the first official European Cricket Series and winning the first ever final is the highlight of my cricket life.

CE – Who is the best bowler you have faced ? IA -I have never faced my team mate Tauqeer Hussain in a competitive match but I have played against his bowling during net practice and I believe he is the best technically. Ravi Panchal is the best bowler that I have faced in league matches.

CE – Who is the best batsman you have played with ?
IA – Qadar Nawaz is the best batsman who has played with me.
CE – Who is the best wicket keeper you have faced or played with.
IA – Reehan was the best keeper who played against me.He was playing for Alcorcon cricket club.
CE – What is your favourite cricket ground ?
IA – La Manga is my favourite ground.
CE – Favourite Other Cricket Team ?    IA – Triskel Taverners in the Madrid league are my favourite team. I love the spirit of their team. Also, Pinatar Piratas is a good competitor.
CE – Guilty secret ?
IA – I do not have any guilty secrets although at the moment I am translating a Spanish literature book into Urdu.




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