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The league campaign continued for Alfas II’s with an away match at troubled Intellectuals who, due to very sad news within their club, had struggled to field teams for their first two matches of the campaign. Alfas went looking for the win that would see them top the table but first had to tackle a tricky pitch.

Things started well when, with the toss lost, Intellectuals chose to bat, the decision forced on them as they only had 4 players at the start of the match. Alfas buoyed by this, looked to start well and apply some early pressure.

As was thought, the pitch proved difficult to score on, the mat making bowling unpredictable and the long outfield making scoring shots very difficult. Bash making the initial breakthrough in the 4th over getting Intellectuals Skipper to edge one which Evans took springing full stretch to his right! A truly thrilling catch showing what the right inspiration can do. K. Perman deciding he was not to be left out, struck with the first delivery of the next over, getting one to stay straight and taking middle stump from Wasley. At this stage, 5 overs in and with the last pair at the wicket, Alfas hoped for a quick end to proceedings but with Haider getting a life being dropped, the rest of the Intellectuals (Well, the remaining 5 they had) arrived and more of a match was in store.

Altaf and Haider stayed together for the next 7 overs before the introduction of Abdul brought an end to the big hitting Altaf for 14, trying once too often to clear the boundary and getting caught by Skipper Perman, ensuring that the one that matters, stays in the hands! K. Anwar was next in but fell quickly to Abdul, Tyler taking a good catch.

Tyler followed that up by taking Ahmed’s wicket bowled after getting one to jump into his ribcage and bounced back into the wicket removing the bails. N. Anwar then arrived and was the centre of great confusion for a minute when, playing and missing, he brought his foot down so hard on the mat, he dislodged his bails, the umpire’s correctly silencing the Alfas screams and calling a dead ball. Anwar’s second life came when he popped one up to the covers but the catch went down but 3rd time was the charm for Alfas as Byrne caught a low inside edge and Anwar was on his way for 9, Intellectuals 45/6 with only 2 bats to come.

Dale however to a great liking to Waqar and plundered a quick (for this pitch) 16 before he edged one behind off the returning Bash to bring the youngest batsman of the day to the pitch. Alfas, the gentlemen that they are, immediately swarmed the bat and Marriner’s introduction was enough to put off young Cormack and he popped a full toss to Abdul, closing the innings on 69.

Lunch was taken early and McKinstry and Brown went out to try and knock off the runs to win the game. However, 3rd ball, McKinstry was coming back having been beaten by a vicious inswinger and castled. Brown and Evans then started putting on some runs, well supported by Wides before Brown clipped one that 1st Slip grabbed at the tip of his reach for a sharp catch. 21/2. However, Evans with a patient innings and Abdul with a less than patient one were able to knock off the remaining 49 runs and see Alfas to a fine win, 24 points and top of the table.

Sporting Alfas Cricket Club


Interlectuals CC Batting
Player name   Runs M B 4s 6s SR


2nb 6w 1b  

for 8 wickets


69 (34.0 overs)

R. Wasley b  K. Perman 1          
T. Richards ct  G. Evans Bowled Basharat Ali 2          
Y. Altaf ct  M. Perman Bowled Wajid Abdul 14       2  
A. Haider Not Out  14          
K. Anwar ct  T. Brown Bowled Wajid Abdul 3          
I. Ahmed b  T. Brown 0          
N. Anwar ct  I. Byrne Bowled Waqar Ashraf 9       1  
G. Dale ct  I. Byrne Bowled Basarat Ali 16     1 1  
R. Cormack ct  Wajid Abdul Bowled B. Marriner 1          

Sporting Alfas Cricket Club Sporting Alfas 2nd X1 Bowling

Player Name Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Average Economy
Kieran Perman 5.0 0 14 1 14.00 2.80
Basharat Ali 10.0 4 7 2 3.50 0.70
Tyler Hogan Brown 7.0 2 16 1 16.00 2.29
Abdul Wajid 6.0 2 6 2 3.00 1.00
Waqar Ashraf 5.0 1 29 1 29.00 5.80
Ben Marriner 1.0 0 1 1 1.00 1.00

Sporting Alfas Cricket Club Sporting Alfas 2nd X1 Batting
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Player Name   R M B 4s 6s SR Catches Stumpings Run outs


12w 3b 2lb 

for 2 wickets



(21.5 overs)        
Neil McKinstry b  I. Ahmed 0                
Tyler Hogan Brown ct  I. Ahmed Bowled Y. Altaf 9     1     1    
Geoff Evans Not Out  17           1    
Abdul Wajid Not Out  27     3 1   1    
Kieran Perman                    
Ben Marriner                    
Ian Byrne               2    
Jack Perman                    
Basharat Ali                    
Waqar Ashraf