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by: conrad_a_bedford



One could say that the Intellectuals Cricket Club first established itself as a cricket team on 21st September 1997: the occasion being to play against Marks and Clerk, a law firm from the UK.

At the time, the Intellectuals were known by the acronym of the organisation the majority of the players worked for, i.e. the OHIM. The cumbersomely named ‘Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market’ deals with intellectual property and hence the name came about as a result of it being the source of most of the team’s daily bread and butter.

It was, by no means, based on the intellectual strengths of the club’s players. Over the years the Intellectuals have played matches against Sporting Alfas and teams from La Manga and Javea, amongst others.

 The club is fully affiliated to the Spanish Cricket Association and has participated in the recently set-up Costa Blanca league competition. Despite some gallant performances and indeed the odd victory, we tend to be on the receiving end of things.

But it’s not about winning is it? It’s about taking part, having a go, enjoying the thrill of hitting the ball instead of it hitting you, or taking a wicket instead of being hit for a boundary . . . and it’s about retiring back to the clubhouse after the game, for a well deserved drink and the customary discussion about what might have been.

So how can one sum up the Intellectuals Cricket Club? Perhaps, the best way is to quote what might be considered its motto: “In defeat we must remain unbeatable and let victory not make us unbearable.”

Club blog at http://intellectualscc.blogspot.com

Contact: Club President Laurence.MCGARRY@oami.europa.eu

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