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Combined Colleges CC logoOn Sunday 3rd October when the Men´s and Junior Under 14 Colts teams of the Combined Colleges Cricket Club took to the field to play in their respective leagues, they became the only cricket club to have Senior & Junior teams playing in leagues at the same time in the Kingdom of Spain.

The Club, formed in 1986 by Gregory Gomez, son of former West Indies Cricket Captain, Gerry Gomez, is the oldest Officially Registered active Cricket Club in Spain.  As the name suggests, the Club is made up of Parents, Teachers, Students and Friends of the International Schools on the Costa Del Sol, and to date is still the most successful Cricket Club in Spain. On the field, as far as silverware goes, they have won every trophy available to them in Spain, Gibraltar and Malaga. Off the field, it has attracted a wonderful social gathering of people brought together with the welfare of Children in mind.

Due to the Constitutional Aims and Objectives, the Club is responsible for the Malaga Youth Cricket Development Programme, and has managed to generate a tremendous amount of interest at Senior and at school levels recently (since Greg Gomez´s return last year) and will be responsible for the organising and running of the Malaga Under 14 Junior Cricket League taking place for the first time after 15 years this season. The Clubs Junior Teams are made of Students from Spanish and English Schools not involved with Cricket at this time.

The Marlborough Trust Company Limited, a Guernsey based company, has recently linked with the Programme and the league will now be known as the Marlborough Under 14 Junior League.

The Club is expanding at a controlled rate and is almost in a position to enjoy seeing areas like Sotogrande and Fuengirola branch away with their respective Cricket Clubs to ensure a wider offering of Cricket to more players in the Region.

Hampering one of the ultimate goals of the Club is the lack of a permanent Cricket Ground. Until now all grounds available for Cricket have been privately owned and Cricket has struggled to take firm root, when the sale of the land became necessary.  The Combined Colleges Cricket Club is therefore looking for a suitable area of land to develop with its own funding for the establishment of a Permanent Cricket Ground that will ensure the future and continuity of cricket in the Region of Malaga.

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