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An email! From Joe Healey of Madrid CC 

A little help please…

Madrid Cricket Club support for Minorities Sports Ground in Hortaleza, Madrid

Madrid Cricket Club, the oldest cricket club in Spain, is currently bidding for a share of the 2017 Decide Madrid budgets to build a cricket ground in Hortaleza, Madrid.

Madrid CC has faced many difficulties and setbacks over the past few years in trying to get a ground of its own. It has now however joined with other sports clubs, covering Gaelic football, American football, fencing and rock climbing, to campaign for the building of a minority sports ground, which the clubs will share. Plans for the project also include a restaurant, dressing rooms and terraces for supporters to watch the sports in action.

President of Madrid CC, Jon Woodard, says, ‘Interest in playing cricket has grown recently in Madrid – but we need a ground of our own for practice and home matches. This collaborative project really is exciting as it allows numerous minority sports to benefit and gives us all a great opportunity to promote our sports – not only to adults but to children and young people as well.’

How you can support the project: Voting for the 2017 Decide Madrid budgets closes on June 30. Madrid CC along with their partners are encouraging people registered in Madrid to vote for the minority sports ground project at

Looks lovely.

Joe Healey

The e-mail also got a mention on the Guardian Sport Live page at 19.59



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