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by: conrad_a_bedford


The Girona league fixtures for this season have now been confirmed and will be classified as Cataluyna League C

Five teams will take part in this years league with the first match matching up Garrotxa CC and Girona Warriors. Next up are the other two teams Olot and Santa Coloma.

The final game is in July with the winners of the league going through to the play off stages.

All league games are to be played in Girona  at the ground that is being provided by the Ayuntamiento   

la liga catalunya de cricket   en girona 2012


nº.                              partido                                     fecha              dia             hora


1. garrotxa cc           vs    girona warriors        12/05/2012   sabado   15:00  


2. olot cc                    vs    santa coloma cc      19/05/2012   sabado   15:00   


3. olot tiger cc          vs    girona cc                    27/05/2012  domingo 14:00  


4. girona warriors   vs    olot tiger cc                03/06/2012  domingo 10:00   


5. garrotxa cc           vs   olot cc                          03/06/2012  domingo 15:00  


6. girona cc               vs   santa coloma cc       09/06/2012  sabado    15:00


7. garrotxa cc           vs   olot tiger cc                10/06/2012  domingo 10:00


8. girona warriors   vs   olot cc                          10/06/2012  domingo 15:00


9. garroxta cc           vs   santa coloma cc       16/06/2012   sabado    15:00


10.olot tiger cc         vs   olot cc                         17/06/2012   domingo 10:00


11.girona warriors  vs   girona cc                     17/06/2012  domingo 15:00


12.olot tiger cc         vs   santa coloma cc        23/06/2012  sabado   15:00


13. garrotxa cc         vs  girona cc                      24/06/2012  domingo 15:00


14. girona warriors vs  santa coloma cc         30/06/2012  sabado    15:00


15. olot cc                 vs  girona cc                       08/07/2012 domingo 15:00


           porfavor respecta todos  los normas de la liga cricket  catalunya


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