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Another exclusive interview coming your way courtesy of our Junior Director of Cricket Harmit “Rico” Phull.

Rico takes up the story of the Rumistrzewicz brothers Theo and Charlie who are an integral part of the La Manga Junior Cricket section.

Rico takes up the story …

” I am delighted to put my questions to two brothers that I have seen playing over many years, and in that time, developed into two very exceptional players. Both Theo and his younger brother Charlie have represented their club here in Spain in all formats of the game, including most recently the Dream 11 European T10 series that was streamed live all over the world from the Woodbridge Oval, home of Sporting Alfas CC.”

Rico. How old are you?

Charlie- I am 14 years old 14

Theo- I am 16.

Rico. At what age did you start playing cricket, and where?

Charlie- I was 5, Harpenden 

Theo- Around 3/4 years old when I lived in Bedford, England

Rico. What is your first an you remember at what age of cricket?

Charlie – Corridor cricket with my dad when I was around 3 or 4 years old

Theo- Playing in the corridor with a plastic bat and stumps wit my dad and brother 

Rico . Under normal circumstances, where and when do you practice playing cricket?

Charlie –  Official nets are at the weekend at La Manga, but I also practice in the garden!

Theo- Either in my garden or at nets every week at La Manga.

Rico . Do you see yourself as a batter or bowler?

Charlie- Both 

Theo- I see myself more as a bowler

Rico . What, where and when do you think was your best performance to date?

Charlie – It was in July 2019 when I was 14 and playing for Billericay under 16s, in the regional quarter final and I scored 104 not out. We went on to win convincingly and got into the regional semi-finals

Theo- Probably a game I played for Billericay in England last year, getting 4 wickets and scoring 47 runs. or a different game when I got 3 wickets and hit 43 of 12 balls

Rico. Why do you like to play cricket?

Charlie- Played in a team and is a game of patience and complexity 

Theo- I really enjoy it

Rico. What is the best thing about cricket in Spain?

Charlie-  Doesn’t get rained off very often so games don’t get cancelled or postponed 

Theo- The weather, match’s are rarely cancelled

Rico. What if anything is the most disappointing thing about cricket in Spain?

Charlie- Lack of fixtures or the youth program, for example, no U15 matches 

Theo- The lack of teams and junior players.

Rico. What’s your most memorable cricket experience in Spain?

Charlie – Winning La Manga T20 competition in 2019 and representing Spain in the U17 world Cup qualifiers in England. In the U17 world cup qualifiers, I got wickets every game and second highest scorer even though was youngest in the whole competition. I scored the highest score and stayed in the longest against Holland who were the best team in the division by a very long way. Took two wickets and a catch in that game too.

Theo- Whenever I play for the Spanish Academy

Rico. As a player, where would you like to see yourself in 15 years time?

Charlie – I don’t know

Theo- Playing at a relatively high standard where ever I will be living

Rico. Who is your favourite player and why?

Charlie- Kevin Pietersen because I loved the way he batted and his flair.

Theo- I really like Jofra Archer

Rico. If you could have dinner tonight with any famous person in the world, who would it be and why?

Charlie-  Ab de Villiers, Again, just love the way he bats…so natural

Theo- Freddy Flintoff because he is a fun person and always has something interesting to say.

Rico. What effect has Covid19 had on your young lives, for better and worse?

Charlie- I can’t see any of my friends and can’t leave the house

Theo- I just missing going out to see my friends but I do enjoy the time I’m spending at home

Rico. If you had a message to all people your age during these difficult times, what would it be?

Charlie – It could be worse 

Theo – Find a new hobby to learn/do

Thanks guys for your answers. It is frustrating that plans that were in place for this this year have had to get cancelled, but I take on board your comments with regards to more Junior cricket being played. I will do my best to remain in contact with all clubs and ensure that juniors of all ages are invited to take part in junior events held up and down the country.

Take care and enjoy the little freedom that you have been given, but stay safe and see you both soon.

Harmit “Rico” Phull




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