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Today is part latest in our series with Harmit Phull (Junior Director of Spanish Cricket) and Junior cricketers from the length and breadth of Spain. Today we head South to the Costa Del Sol and two youngsters from their Junior set up Ed and Max Purdy.

Rico takes up the story ..

Welcome once more to another on line interview with our young talented cricketers here in Spain. Several of our U15 juniors have commented on how one of the highlights and most memorable cricket experience to date has been whilst playing at the beautiful Cartama Oval, Malaga.

A phrase that I will never forget is when the Madrid juniors first arrived there last May to play in a T20 tournament on grass wickets, “wow” they said, “this is our field of dreams”!

So I thought it was time go to that part of this magnificent country and speak to some of the talented young payers there. Its two for one time again, I’m delighted that brothers, Max and Ed Purdy have agreed to answer my questions, thanks guys.

Rico : How old are you?

Max- 11 years old.

Ed- 9 years old.

Rico : At what age did you start playing cricket, and where?

Max- 8 years old in Grandad’s garden in England.

Ed- 6 years old in England.

Rico : What is your first memory of cricket?

Max- Batting with a piece of wood for ages in the garden.

Ed- Grandad said we couldn’t play football on his new lawn so he gave us some wood and showed us how to play cricket and we played it all of the summer.

Rico : Under normal circumstances, where and when do you practice playing cricket?

Max- At the Cartama cricket ground or in the garden.

Ed- In our garden, in Gibraltar, in Cartama in Malaga and at Edgbaston summer camps in England.

Rico : Do you see yourself as a batter or bowler?

Max- I am a Bowler.

Ed- Bowler and a wicket keeper.

Rico : What, where and when do you think was your best performance to date?

Max- Getting the match ball for a spell of 8 overs for 16 runs, with 4 wickets in the spell, in Cartama Malaga in January 2020.

Ed- Getting the match ball in Cartama for taking 5 wickets in a match when I was 8 years old.

Rico : Why do you like to play cricket?

Max- Because it’s good fun and you can do different things like batting or bowling or fielding and it’s a game played in a good environment.

Ed- Everyone is nice and gives you tips to make you a better player.

Rico : What is the best thing about cricket in Spain?

Max- It never rains so we can always play.

Ed- Never any delays or cancelled matches because it is always sunny.

Rico : What if anything is the most disappointing thing about cricket in Spain?

Max- Not many other kids play cricket.

Ed- My friends at school don’t know how to play and you have to explain it to everyone that is Spanish how to play.

Rico : What’s your most memorable cricket experience in Spain?

Max- Taking wickets against grown-ups when playing in Cartama.

Ed- Getting my Grandad out in a match LBW, but he thinks he wasn’t even out. (Editor : It was plumb)

Rico : As a player, where would you like to see yourself in 15 years time?

Max- I’ll be the England captain and will break records in test matches.

Ed Playing in the IPL and the Big Bash and being the captain.

Rico : Who is your favourite player and why?

Max- Ben Stokes because he can do everything and it’s brilliant when you watch him.

Ed- Steve Smith because he never gets out and can play for a long time.

Rico : If you could have dinner tonight with any famous person in the world, who would it be and why?

Max- Michael Holding because he can give me some bowling tips.

Ed- Joe Root because he is so cool.

Rico : What effect has Covid19 had on your young lives, for better and worse?

Max- For better – no school and we’re learning yoga and new exercises and we we’re watching the cricket tips on Facebook and trying them out. For worse – we’re not seeing our friends or playing cricket and football matches or tennis games.

Ed- Better – we’re learning different things like cooking and yoga and being with our family. For worse – I was looking forward to playing for the Spanish U13 academy squad in La Manga but that had to be cancelled, and now we can’t play any cricket matches.

Rico : If you had a message to all people your age during these difficult times, what would it be?

Max-  Don’t worry this will finish soon.

Ed-  I hope you’re having a great time at home, try to.

Thank you boys for those really cool answers, I look forward to some time soon when you both will be part of the Spanish Junior academy Squad playing at La Manga.

At least your allowed out now for an hour a day, enjoy turning the arm over and hitting a few balls, be safe and keep well.

See you soon boys





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