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After failing to appear for their latest league game at La Manga last weekend, Valencia have confirmed their sudden withdrawal from the league.

Valencia had seven remaining games left, twice they had to play Mojacar, Albox and Madrid I, and once against Valencia Green. In accordance with league rules Valencia will be punished minus 10 points for every game, and their opponents will receive 17 points for each match as a result of the forfeitured games.

This has also led to a game change, to accomodate Madrid´s travelling situation their game with Albox has been changed from September 4th to Octobert 2cd. This allows Madrid I to play two matches in one weekend, and means they do not need to travel to La Manga early September for just one game.

Costa League 1
                            P    W    T   NR    L   BP  Pts
Valencia Green             10    9    0    0    1   61  151
La Manga                    7    6    0    0    1   62  122
Sporting Alfas 1            6    5    0    0    1   53  103
Madrid 1                    9    4    0    0    5   47   87
Mojacar                     8    3    0    0    5   19   49
Albox                       8    3    0    0    5    5   35
Valencia                   14    0    0    0   14    0  -86 



            @ Alfaz                                     @ La Manga                                 @ La Manga


Sat 8          Intell       v  SFL                        Mojacar       v  L/Manga               Alcorcon      v  Madrid Utd

Sun 9          Alfaz I     v  Valencia                  Alcorcon      v  Alfaz II

Sat 15         n/a                                           SFL             v  Intell

Sun 16         n/a                                            Albox          v  V/Green               L/Manga      v Valencia

Sat 22         Alfaz II   v  SFL                        V/Green       v  Alfaz I                Mojacar       v  Albox

Sun 23         Intell       v Alcorcon                                   

Sat 29         Intell       v  Madrid II                V/Green       v  Albox                   La Manga     v MadridI       

Sun 30         n/a                                           Madrid I      v  Mojacar               Valencia       v  Alfaz I


Sat 5          Alfaz I     v  Madrid I                 Madrid II    v  Intell                  n/a

Sun 6                                                          Madrid II    v  Madrid Utd           V/Green       v  L/Manga

Sat 12         n/a                                           Albox          v  Mojacar              

Sun 13         Alfaz I     v  V/Green                                   

Sat 19         n/a                                           MadridI      v  Alfaz I                Madrid II    v  Alfaz II

Sun 20         n/a                                           MadridI      v  V/Green               Madrid II    v  SFL

Sat 26         n/a                                           Albox          v  La Manga              Madrid Utd  v  Intell

Sun 27         n/a                                           Mojacar       v  V/Green


Sat 3          n/a                                            Madrid Utd  v  SFL

Sun 4          n/a                                            Valencia       v  L/Manga               V/Green       v  Mojacar

Sat 10         Alfaz II   v MadridII               MadridI      v  Albox                   Alcorcon      v  SFL

Sun 11          Intell       v  Madrid Utd             MadridI      v  L/Manga               Valencia       v  V/Green

Sat 17         Alfaz I     v  La Manga                 n/a                                            n/a             

Sun 18         Alfaz II   v  Alcorcon                  n/a                                                             

Sat 24         Alfaz II   v  Intell                     Albox          v  Alfaz I                SFL             v  Madrid Utd

Sun 25                                                         n/a                                            L/Manga      v  V/Green

Sat 31                                                         Madrid Utd  v  Alcorcon               n/a             


Sun 1           n/a                                            L/Manga      v  Alfaz I               

Sat 7          Alfaz II   v  Madrid Utd              Mojacar       v  Alfaz I                n/a

Sun 8                                                                                                         

Sat 14         Alfaz I     v  Albox                                        n/a                          SFL             v  Alfaz II        

Sun 15                                                        

Sat 21         n/a                                                             

Sun 22         n/a                                            L/Manga      V  Albox                                   

Sat 28         Alfaz I     v  Mojacar                                                                 

Sun 29                                                                                                        


Sat 4                                                                                                          Madrid Utd  v  Madrid II

Sun 5                                                                                                          SFL             v  Madrid II

Sat 11                                                                                                          L/Manga      v  Mojacar

Sun 12                                                         Madrid Utd  v  Alfaz II

Sat 18                                                         n/a                                            n/a

Sun 19                                                         n/a                                            n/a             


Sat 2                                                          Albox          v  Madrid I              Madrid II    v  Alcorcon

Sun 3                                                          Mojacar       v  Madrid I              Alcorcon      v  Intell

Sat 9                                                          V/Green       v  Madrid I              SFL             v Alcorcon        

Sun 10                                                         Alcorcon      v  Madrid II                              


                                 *** Intellectuals v Alfaz II to be played at Bonalba on Sunday September 19

Play Off dates  –  1st Round Matches to be played Sat/Sun October 16/17. Finals Sat October 30 at La Manga             Al Leaguel matches at La Manga involving La Manga CC are 10am Start                                                                                                                                                                    Updated July 14






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