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Valencia give Alfas a lesson
Valencia came to the Woodbridge and gave the Alfas team a lesson in concentration and togetherness on the field. Electing to bat first the Valencia opening batsmen never got to grips with Afsal´s pace and after 6 overs it appeared that Alfas would keep a tight grip on things, but Usman and Shahid did not fall and suddenly the ball seemed to be flying to any area on the park where a fielder was not standing.
With the introduction of Muñoz, Alfas thought normal service was going to be resumed, Usman caught by the bowler, with the air bound ball falling to a player for the first time. The first wicket falling in the 15 over for 73 runs. Shahid carried on riding his luck even after fielding restrictions were lifted and fielders seemed to be on all boundaries, the ball kept dropping in gaps or on the road.
Wasim Ur Rehman and Paul Taylor who normally bowl so well in tandem, today found the luck was in Valencia´s favour and although claiming 3 wkts each would have expected to have 100 runs taken from the 18 over spell they shared, Wasim taking the wickets off Shahed(73), Sajid(34) and Azhar (13). Taylor taking Ikram(13)Attiq(13)and Akmal(0). Crompton came on and removed Faijal(19)and Fyaz (1) leaving Nasar to carry his bat on 13. 245 for 10 from 42 entertaining overs.
The SACC pair of Spencer and Howe walked in to be met by a barrage of verbally over the top appealing but more importantly a pair of very hostile bowlers in Attiq and Faran. The ball going through at an excellent pace and quite often a damaging height. With runs coming at a steady 3 an over it was apparent that Alfas were in for a difficult afternoon. Howe(3) never got hold of a short one from Faran and was caught at midwicket by Sajid.
Crompton and Spencer looked as though the tide had finally turned back in SACC favour but when Spencer on 37 tried to hook a short one from Akmal and looked at his stumps in disbelieve as they were down, the short ball hitting the bottom of middle peg.
The run rate now up to 4 per over and Pennick and Crompton looked comfortable as things had been controlled by the umpires. but Crompton followed Spencer back to the hut nicking one behind, out for 36. Ur Rehman fell quickly for 6 as did Afzal(9) and Muñoz(0) who in his last game for SACC before leaving for a few months in the UK would have liked a big score to take with him.
Cowley and Laundon, the SACC 8 and 9 now needed to steady things and try to make a game of what was turning into a disaster, 143 for 7, 13 overs left. the pair stayed together for 12 of the overs and tried to reach 175 to gain another batting point without giving away a bonus point to Valencia or worse capitulating like the middle order had and allowing Valencia to take 20 points.
14 runs for 175 needed and the last over being bowled the Alfas captain Laundon took 5 from the first ball 2 from the now official first, half way there, another wide and 6 needed. Laundon then mistimed the shot and as had happened all day it fell to a fielder.
Cowley now needed to guide the team home but missed it and was out bowled. Taylor survived some now really desperate appealling to insure Valencia did not get all the points, SACC 171 for 9.
Valencia Green ended up with 18 points and Alfas 7 points to make the CB League 1 table look very interesting at the half way stage.
Costa League 1
                                   P    W    T   NR    L   BP  Pts
Valencia Green              4    4    0    0    0   31   71
Sporting Alfas 1             4    3    0    0    1   36   66
La Manga                     4    3    0    0    1   33   63
Madrid 1                       3    1    0    0    2   13   23
Mojacar                        4    1    0    0    3    0   10
Albox                          4    0    0    0    3    8    8
Valencia                      3    0    0    0    3    0   -7
Results to date, up to and including Saturday 12th June
8th May, La Manga (20 points) beat Mojacar (-2 points) by 407 runs
8th May, Sporting Alfas (20 points) beat Valencia (1 point) by 10 wickets.
16th May, Valencia Green (18 points) beat Albox (-3 points) by 8 wickets.
16th May, La Manga (17 points) beat Valencia(-10 points) by forfeiture.
22cd May, Mojacar (18 points) beat Albox (4 points) by 7 wickets.
29th May, La Manga (19 points) beat Madrid (2 points) by 203 runs.
29th May, Valencia Green (17 points) beat Albox (-10 points) by forfeiture.
30th May, Madrid (18 points) beat Mojacar (4 points) by 91 runs
30th May, Sporting Alfas (19 points) beat Valencia (2 points) by 156 runs.
5th June, Sporting Alfas (20 points) beat Madrid (3 points) by 6 wickets
8th June, Valencia Green (18 points) beat La Manga (7 points) by 30 runs
12th June, Albox (17 points) beat Mojacar (-10 points) by forfeiture.
13th June, Valencia Green (18 points) beat Alfas (7 points) by 74 runs

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