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by: conrad_a_bedford


Torrevieja Cricket club recently were invited to attend a meeting their city on the 12th February that included the British ambassador, Consul and top brass from Valencia Region.

Torrevieja CC President Graham Shelton takes up the story…

“We were specifically invited and it could not have gone better. The meeting was mainly aimed at ex-pat charitable organisations of which many were present and by and large covered points regarding an ageing population” 

“Once these issues were dealt with I thought that it was time to deal with something of interest to the younger as well as not so young ex-pats and so accompanied by our junior cricket representative Kieran Wood I gave an impassioned speech on the benefits of cricket (and sports in general) in developing cricket tourism in Torrevieja, additional use of the facilities by the wider cricketing world and in developing mature young people of all nationalities. It seems to have been very well received by the response that I got and by all of the VIPs coming over to shake our hands and wish us well.”

The Consulate agreed to have a link for cricket on their website. Naturally it should be the CE website and not specifically Torrevieja’s. Better still, I had a long chat with the mayor who was aware of our recent proposals to have improved cricket facilities in the town and demanded of my main contact that he discuss the details with him. We were even offered a specific large plot of land that we have been coveting for a while! This area is totally brown so will need developing. Such a project is beyond our knowledge in Torrevieja so we shall need assistance with this. Hopefully a meeting will be held soon to discuss it and we then invited the Mayor to the next juniors’ indoor tournament in the town on March 15th and he said that he would be there”.

This is very promising news for the Costa Blanca club as they look to retain the ECCL Championship which they won for the first time last year. Well done Torrevieja CC and keep up the good work.

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