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 Essex schools visit to Spain Report 

Over the past few months Cricket Espana has been in discussions with Essex County cricket Board, linking up ways where Essex County Cricket Board can support  Junior projects in Spain, it was finally decided that both Essex and Cricket Espana would joint fund the event in Spain.

Norlington School for Boys in Leyton East London was picked as part of a leadership program being run by Essex County cricket Board, the boys raised funds for their trip supported by ex pupil and former England captain Graham Gooch, It was decided that a local school in the Orihuela region of Spain, Phoenix International School would host the Norlington Boys.

Plans were put in place that Norlington leaders aged 13 to 14 years of aged would be joined by two members of staff Paul Hobbs and Kieran Edwards supported by Essex Coaches Chris Drummond and Arfan Akram, during the visit the boys would visited five schools in Spain, coaching pupils over the first two days then they would umpire and score at junior cricket tournament on the last day. 

After an early start the Norlington Boys arrived at Alicante Airport on Tuesday morning greeted by Keith Healy Director of Phoenix school and Neil Brook Director Junior cricket in Spain, the boys had a long trip ahead of them. 


The boys were invited to Phoenix school for lunch ahead of a long afternoon of coaching the young students of the school, the boys planned group coaching sessions on batting bowling and fielding sessions progressing to a planned cricket match, after a short break the boys were invited in the school to watch a play on Cricket arranged by Drama Teacher Eva Ford and performed by year 4, 5 and 6 students, followed by some wonderful cricket poetry, then finished with an interesting Q and A on leadership skills by the Norlington boys. 

Day Two the boys and coaches were split up in to two groups where one group was invited to Newton College, Elche where they were joined by Matthew Wright to show them round for the day, the boys held coaching sessions with the young students of mixed boys and girls and the feedback was that the students impressed the young leaders, this was then followed by along drive to Murcia where the leaders were greeted by El Limonar school Murcia, where they enjoyed a nice lunch, again the young leaders found that the school had been working hard on the students cricket skills and were impressed during the coaching sessions they held with the school. 

The other group were taken to Cartagena where they visited a Spanish primary school San Isidro in the town of Los Belones, this proved to be a more difficult task for the young leaders where they needed to demonstrate their communication skills and leadership skills with a group of some 60 pupils where the leaders performed admirably, coaching the young students, from there the students visited Kings college School Murcia where they were invited to a nice lunch followed by more coaching sessions, where they had to use there cricketing coaching skills to teach a strong and weaker ability group, again the boys performed well and managed to adapt to the changes of abilities of the young students. 

Day 3 would again prove a difficult day for the boys where they would need to use there leadership skills in organising a Tournament of 4 schools in 3 groups of Primary, Girls and secondary, the boys role was to set up and measure out each pitch then umpire and score in each of the 30 matches played on the day. 


The tournament was held at CDM Orihuela Costa, it proved a very close run event in all 3 groups where the standard of cricket improved during the day with all schools being represented in each final which was a great effort by all the 120 students that took part during the day. 

Kings college won the primary tournament with a close fought game going down to the last over Phoenix school where Kings won with an over to spare, Kings also won the Secondary tournament with another close fought game winning in the final over. 

The Girls was one by Newton College where the Newton girls scored heavy early on, but a spirited reply by Phoenix wasn’t enough and Newton college claimed the prize. 

A presentation of trophies were awarded at the end by Keith Healy to the winners of each league and players of the tournament, followed by Chris Drummond presenting Special ability awards on the day to 4 students, Keith Healy closed the proceedings by presenting a glass plaque to Paul Hobbs of Norlington school to thank them for all their hard work over the past three days. 

Myself and Cricket Espana would just like to thank Clarke Duncan for all his efforts taking all the wonderful photos, the students and teaching staff of all the schools, the coaches and staff of Essex and Norlington school and our leaders for all the hard work they’ve put in over the last three days we wish them all well for the future. 

Neil Brook 

Junior Director Cricket Spain



Primary League Group stage 


                                    P   W   D   L   pts 


1  Kings College         3    3    0    0    9


2  Phoenix School      3    2    0    1    6


3  Newton College     3    1    0    2    3


4  El Limonar             3    0    0    3    0



 3rd & 4th play off


Newton College beat El Limonar




Kings College beat Phoenix School


Girls League Group stage  

                                    P   W   D   L   pts 


1  Newton College      3    2    0    1    6


2  Phoenix School       3    2    0    1    6


3  El Limonar             3    1    0    2    3


4  Kings College         3    1    0    2    3


3rd & 4th play off


Kings College beat El Limonar  


Newton College beat Phoenix School 


Secondary League Group stage  

                                    P   W   D   L   pts 


1  Kings College         3    3    0    0    9


2  El Limonar  School 3    2    0    1    6


3  Phoenix School       3    1    0    2    3


4  Newton College      3    0    0    0    0


3rd & 4th 

Newton College beat Phoenix School 


Kings College beat El Limonar






































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