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Six-a-Side Beach Cricket Festival

Mojacar Playa – 14th June 2009 

Mojacar Cricket Club is pleased to announce its inaugural Six-a-Side Beach Cricket Festival on 14th June in association with Titos Bar on Mojacar Playa. 

The competition encompasses 12 teams from local bars and restaurants, with activities kicking off at noon and with the final scheduled for 7.00pm. The first phase of the tournament involves 4 mini-leagues of 3 teams, the winner of each progressing through to the semi finals. 

Competitors come from a wide range of cricketing and non-cricketing backgrounds. We have several retired ex professional players, men and women of all ages, several Mojacar CC junior cricketers and a significant number of Spanish Nationals. For the large majority of those involved this will be a first introduction to the arts and craft of cricket; and we hope not the last. 

Local newspapers and radio stations are showing lots of interest in the event and all will be there on the 14th to ensure maximum exposure and publicity. There will be live music, a DJ and the day will have a distinct Caribbean atmosphere. All are welcome to come along to watch, barrack and support. 

The winning team and losing finalist will each receive a trophy. There will also be an award for the most creatively dressed team. 

If you would like to know more about Mojacar Cricket Club, please telephone Neale on 600655363.  

Competition Rules:            Mini Leagues leading to Semi-Finals and Final

                        All Players enter at their own risk

                        All Teams will play a minimum of two eighteen over games

Teams may have as many players as they want but only six may bat during an innings and only six are allowed to field at any one time

All teams must be ready to play at least 30 minutes before the start of their games

Batting:            Each innings starts with 50 runs Credit

                        Each team faces 9, 4 ball overs

Batters bat in pairs (3 pairs per team) and each pair will face 3 overs

Runs are scored by running and hitting boundaries. Boundary 4 along the ground, boundary 6 through the air and boundary 10 into the sea

Runs are lost by losing wickets. Bowled, Caught, Stumped and Run Out all lose 5 Runs. Caught in the sea loses 20 runs. There is no LBW and no batter can be out first ball other than Run Out

Batters change ends after each over

Bowling            No more than 2 overs per bowler

                        Under arm and over arm bowling are both allowed

Any delivery that bounces more than once or passes the batter above shoulder height will be a No Ball

Any delivery that passes the batter wide of the batting mat will be a Wide

Except in the final over, No Balls and Wides are not re-bowled. 2 runs are gained by the batting side for every occurrence.

Next delivery after a No Ball or Wide is a Free Hit. Batters cannot be bowled, caught or stumped

Bowlers may only have a maximum 4 stride run up

Fielding           There must always be a Bowler and a Wicket Keeper. The are no restrictions on the other 4 fielders

Other than the Wicket Keeper, Fielders must be at least 10 meters from the batter





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