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by: conrad_a_bedford


Over the last couple of months youngsters in Madrid have been having coaching sessions every Saturday morning under the guidance of Madrid first teams opening batsman Adam Langhans.

Adam sends Cricket Espana a report on how the academy continues to flourish..

…To date we have conducted five sessions for the kids cricket in Madrid, with another two sessions scheduled for June. The goal is to encourage children from all backgrounds to participate and learn the game of cricket.

The kids are between six and twelve, and it has been very interesting to hear some of the parents comments. Even the kids who do not normally get involved in sport have taken a keen interest in the game.

The two hour sessions are broken down into two parts, the first to develop new skills through specific training skills such as fielding, bowling and batting drills, kings cricket,etc

The second part of the session is dedicated to continious cricket and street style cricket which is a big hit with the kids, since everyone gets a chance to show off newly acquired skills.

The kids are improving dramatically, the first session it was difficult for many of them to hit a ball, but now they have really developed and some of them have suprisingly good bowling actions for their experience level.

Another thing I would like to mention is that we have two girls on a regular basis who have both taken up the challenge to the boys. The next session is Saturday 8th June en La Universidad Rey Juan Carlos – Parque Oeste, Alcorcon start time 10 am.

Here is a list of the Junior Colts that have taken part in the programme…


Liam Clark

Alan Clark

Guillermo Shackleton

Daniel Casado

Alex Casado

Lance Sweeney

Jasper Liu

Felix Liu

Amy Crawdon

Charlie Bromfield

Ignacio Leng

Liam Leedon

Jade Carmena Wood

Mitchell Carmena Wood

Alejandro Povo

Max Lambert


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