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by: conrad_a_bedford



Earlier this month Lanzarote Cricket Association hosted a coaching and umpire course sponsored by Cricket Espana. The courses were presented by the Spanish National Coach Bobby Denning and Spain`s sole representative on the ICC European panel Ron Graham co-ordinated the umpires course

As with his visit to La Manga in February 009 to run a similar course it was run over two days. The course consisted of the basic techniques of the game , how to organise sessions and small sided games. Bobby commented ” the course was a success, and I genuinely hope the candidates have gained some knowledge in the basics of the game and how to organise and run small sided games and drills.”

He continued, “All candidates showed commitment to the day which bodes well for the clubs they represent and I would like to repeat what I said to the candidates on the day that the role they can play in the long term plans for cricket in Lanzarote is crucial and should not be underestimated. In many cases they will play a major part in giving youngsters a positive first experience of cricket. I hope the course has the desired results.”

Bobby also took time out with the Colts team and the session on Friday evening was designed to provide some basic but effective drills and challenges that players can work on with a partner. Bobby went on to say ” the boys can take away some of these drills and work on them on their own or in pairs. I hope some of the basics have been re-inforced and these drills will effectively provide a way of working on the most basic principles of batting and bowling”

Cricket Espana and the Lanzarote Cricket Association are already seeing dividends from Bobby´s visit because Ian Jackson is now the new Director of Cricket In Lanzarote. He has already bagan to work closely with Cricket Espana to work on a blueprint for the development of cricket on the island.

The umpire’s course also was a success with 18 candidates attending and all the clubs on the island were represented.. The 17 men and one lady all completed and passed the 2 day course and Ron commented on the excellent facilities and thanked the attendees for their commitment to the course.

The new umpires who completed the umpires course are Jamie Rogerson, Stewart MacIntosh,  Daniel Bagley and Geoff Dean of Fisherman`s CC, Stewart Trehame, Steve Elsdon, Brian Sawyer and Andy Smith of Playa Blanca CC, Paul Stenson, Mel Crossely and Joseph Howsen of Commitments CC, Jack & Linda Macken of Lanzarote CC, Joe Spencer and Will Spencer of Spinnaker Dragons CC, Paul Jones and Simon Butler of St George´s CC and Ian Jackson from Colts CC. 




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