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Just over two months to go before La Manga Club plays hosts to the inuagural ECL Champions Trophy, a tournament were the eight champions from their respective countries vie for the honour to be named the Champions of Europe.

Cataluyna CC will represent Spain in the event and Spanish Under 19 and “A” team player Nadim Husain will be looking to have an impact on the tournament.


1. Who are you, where are you from? Where were you born? How old are you and what is your profession?
I’m Nadim Hussain I’m from Spain and I was born in Barcelona, I am 17 years old and I am a student.

2. Since when are you playing cricket in the country you are living in now?
I started playing cricket in Spain since 2016, when I was 15 years old and until now I am playing in the same club.

3. What club you are you playing for?
Catalunya Cricket Club.

4. What is your strength?
I’m bowler, my bowling style is Right-arm Leg-Spin.

5. Why did you first choose to play cricket?
I started watching cricket in 2010-2011 and thanks to the great legend Shahid Afridi I started playing and am always trying to play the way he plays.

6. Tell us about your best ever batting and bowling performances?
In batting I don’t have a great record because I don’t usually bat too much but in bowling my best figures are 5/16 in 4 overs.

7. When have you been the hero for your team and what did you do?
The first time I was a hero of my team when I was 15 years old and I was playing just my second game and the reason was because I took five wicket haul for the first time in my cricket career.team interviewed Nadim to get his thoughts on cricket and the ECL in particular and here are his responses to the posed questions.


8. Are you quiet or loud when you are fielding?
Very loud! I’m always cheering for the whole team and if necessary I start to bother the batsman.

9. Why are you important to your team?
I can be important to my team for several reasons. One of them could be because I am the spinner of my team, I field well and am a good option for bowling the middle overs

10. What are your individual goals for 2019?
My individual goals for 2019 are, to be the most outstanding Junior in the Senior League(Liga Catalana), to give everything I can for my team and to win the ECL for my team and for all those who support me.

11. How and how often do you train for fitness and cricket?
I do not usually do a special training but every day I play cricket or football.

12. What do you see your ideal role being in your team in 2019?
Give everything in every game, always be there when my team needs me most and get all the wickets I can for my team.

13. Do you think Cricket has a future in your country In Europe?
I believe that, lately, in Spain, a great job is being done for cricket and it is growing and we have some very talented players so that we can take Spain high. For more events like this I think that Cricket in Europe will grow.

14. Why are you excited about playing in the ECL?
Because it is the first time that I will go to play a great championship with my club and representing Spain.

15. Who are your favourite cricketers and why?
My favorite cricketer is Shahid Afridi, he is my idol, thanks to him I started playing cricket
Younis Khan, Virat Kohli, Hasan Ali, Shane Warne, Yasir Shah, Darren Sammy.

16. Which famous cricketer are you similar to and why?
I think I’m similar to Shahid Afridi because of the bowling action and for the same celebration.

17. Who is your favourite player in your ECL team?
My favourite player in ECL for batting is Yasir Ali, Armghan Khan, Muhammad Asif Zia, Khurram
and in bowling Ali Azam, Asim Raja, Khawar and i’m also very confident.

18. Who is the funniest player in your ECL team?
The funniest players in my team are Ali Azam, Khawar, Asim Raja, Muhammad Asif, Nisar Raja and Sabteen sir.

19. What is your favourite moment in cricket history and why?
About my cricket career the favourite moment was when I made my debut, when I took five wickets haul, when we won the league and many more moments.
In history of cricket the best moments was when thanks to Afridi, Pakistan won the matches thanks to the way he finish the matches and also in bowling and when Pakistan won the Champions Trophy

20. Will your team win the ECL?
God willing, we have a great team with very good combinations and we have all the ability and confidence to beat any team.

21. How do you feel to be one of the first players to play in the ECL Live on TV around the world?
I feel fortunate to be able to participate in this tournament and I am very proud of my team and I’m also very excited and eager to play ECL











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