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ECCL 2014 

It was once again congratulations to Sporting Alfas CC who retained their Division One title with consummate ease. Nine victories saw this powerful team finish 63 points clear of their nearest rivals. Madrid United enjoyed their most successful season finishing in the Runners Up position.

Madrid, with the aid of 40 points due to the cancellation of their final two matches occupied third place  Newly promoted Levante proved to be a very capable side, completed their programme of fixtures in fourth position. Alcorcon occupied second place for most of the season but inexplicably cancelled their last match.

The deduction of twenty points relegated this unfortunate club to fifth place in the table. Disaster beset La Manga CC. Never before had they finished in such a lowly position. Severe selection problems caused the cancellation of several fixtures, and, with the deduction of points saw this established club well adrift at the bottom of the league table. 

Ten centuries were scored in Division One during the season, the highest score attributed to Humayun of Madrid United with 146. In the bowling department only 5,  five wicket hauls were recorded, the best figures being 5/22 by Sajid Ali of La Manga. Tasawar of Madrid United secured the only Hat Trick during the season.


In Division II the selection policy adopted by La Manga II proved to be very controversial. Complete disregard by the club of a league directive plus the infringement of the dispensation regulation caused the deduction in total of fifty penalty points. Torrevieja with six victories won the Division II title with the Intellectuals in the Runners Up position.. La Manga II despite being penalised with the large points deduction finished their campaign in third place.

Fourth spot in the table was occupied by Alfas II with Madrid II ending their season in fifth position. La Manga Kings who in effect were La Manga CC’s third team, consisted of many youngsters, who were well supported by several senior cricketers, equipped themselves well in difficult circumstances finished last. 

Three centuries were scored in Division II during the season, the highest innings attributed to A. Algar of Torrevieja 155. Sixteen 5 wicket hauls were recorded, the best bowling analysis 7/9 by Waseem Waris of Intellectuals CC. H. Ullah of Torrevieja achieved the seasons only Hat Trick in Division II. 

The newly formed ECCL Central / Madrid League saw Madrid United II emerge as champions. Sonseca CC secured runners up spot with Madrid II in third place and Triskel Taverners occupying last position. All twelve matches were played at the Sonseca ground.

Only one century was scored in this four team league, Ihsan of Sonseca CC 109 not out. Rizwan Nasir also of Sonseca produced the best bowling figures of the 4, five wicket hauls in securing 7/44. 

On a sad note Alcorcon CC announced their intention to withdraw from the ECCL, no clear reason was given. It is hoped that they will return in the not too distant future. Likewise La Manga Kings will cease to exist. Parent club La Manga CC decided that the running of three teams proved difficult with insufficient personal available. 

With the loss of the two teams it is hoped that four other teams will enter the ECCL . Valencia are hoping to rejoin, Levante II, the resurrection of Orihuela and the formation of a new team yet to be named at Desert Springs. 

Finally, as always the ECCL are indebted to the many umpires who have supported the League and have travelled many miles. Their efforts have been greatly appreciated. 

John Dye

ECCL Chairman

League Table & Results ECCL Premier League


League Table & Results ECCL Division Two






Division 1               

Humayun                    146                  Madrid Utd     v          Levante

Tariq Ali                      119                  Alcorcon         v          Levante

R.Morgan                    110                  Levante           v         Madrid

G Crompton                106 n o           Alfas               v          Madrid

Malik Safdar              106 n o           Alcorcon         v          Madrid

Mohammad Ashraf  103                  Madrid Utd    v          Madrid

P.Pennick                   102 n o           Alfas               v          Madrid

A.Solani                      102                  Madrid            v          Alfas

Tariq Ali                     101                  Alcorcon         v          Levante

Waheed                     100                  Madrid Utd     v          Alcorcon



Dividion II East 

A.Algar                         155                  Torrevieja        v          Alfas II

D.Williams                  125                  LM Kings        v          Madrid II

Gopi Singh                  114                  La Manga II    v          La Manga Kings


Division II Central

Ihsan                           109 n o           Sonseca           v          Madrid II



5 Wickets in an Innings 


Division I 

Sajid Ali                      5/22                 La Manga        v          Alcorcon

K.Nasir                        5/24                 Madrid Utd     v          La Manga

K. Laundon                5/27                 Alfas               v          Madrid Utd

U.Sathiamoorthy      5/27                 Madrid           v          Alcorcon

Rizwan Shah             5/49                 Madrid Utd     v          Alcorcon

Tasawar                      4/15                 Madrid Utd     v          La Manga   * Hat Trick 


Division II East

Waseem Waris             7/9                  Intellectuals     v       Torrevieja

S.Hossain                      7/26                 Madrid II        v          Intellectuals

Akash Panchal            6/22                 La Manga II    v          La Manga Kings

W.Ashraf                     6/25                 Alfas II           v          La Manga II

S.Awan                        6/43                  Madrid II        v           Alfas II

L.Brown                      5/9                   Torrevieja        v          Alfas II

M.Waring                    5/9                   Torrevieja        v          La Manga Kings

C.Guichard                 5/12                 Torrevieja        v          Madrid II

Ibtisam Ahmed          5/13                 Intellectuals     v          Madrid II

Ibtisam Ahmed          5/15                 Intellectuals     v          La Manga II

Waqas Ashraf            5/22                 Alfas II           v          La Manga Kings

H.Ullah                       5/34                 Torrevieja        v          Intellectuals  *  Hat Trick

A.Sarangapani           5/35                 Madrid II        v          Torrevieja

S. Abbas                      5/37                 La Manga II    v          Madrid II

Waseem Waris           5/37                 Intellectuals     v          Torrevieja

Waseem Waris           5/55                 Intellectuals     v          La Manga II



Division II 

Rizwan Nasir              7/44                 Sonseca           v          Madrid II



P.Buffery                     5/13                 Triskel              v          Madrid Utd II

Waqas Ahmed           5/13                 Madrid II        v          Triskel

Rizwan Shah              5/17                 Madrid Utd II v          Triskel












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