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Today’s Daily Snippet comes from Dave Gelling, the current Spanish Men’s National team coach.

CE first interviewed Dave when he did one of his many coaching courses for Cricket Espana in Jan 2007. Thirteen years later we ask him to update his answers for CE followers.


CE—First of all, welcome to Spain Dave. Can you tell us a little bit about your qualifications.

2007 – DG – Well, I’m an ECB Level 3 Coach & also an ECB/ICC Tutor & Assessor; I have contracts with the Army & Combined Services Cricket teams, I am part of the ICC European Staff and also I am on the Hampshire Coach Development Team where I work extensively with their Youth Academy.

CE — Have your circumstances and qualifications changed?

2020 – DGHi John, a long time ago since that interview!

Yes, there have been changes but I’m still active & involved in Coaching & Coach Development. I’m on the ECB Regional Coach Developer Team as a Lead Tutor & of course part of a small team for ICC Europe, I’m also a Field Based Trainer – which sounds exotic but just means I mentor & develop Tutors, much as I hope senior players look after young players on & off the field ? I’ve updated my ECB Level 3 qualifications as the game advances quickly, having said that a lot of the basics of the game remain & as long as players outcomes are successful then leave it alone!

CE—What did you know about Spanish Cricket before your weekend trip to La Manga to coach the Level One Course?

2007 – DG—I have been involved with ICC Europe since the start ten years ago and having spent eighteen months as Development Officer in Gibraltar I am familiar with the regional situation.

CE — Have you followed CE progress since then ‘

2020  DGYes & of course now I’m more involved it is great to see that not only La Manga has developed with  many improvements, especially with practice facilities, but also the addition of Desert Springs, both are top class for training & playing, surely the best in mainland Europe? To see the Iberian Cup & the ECL televised & also away from home our successful tour of Finland is a fantastic advert for CE.

CE—What advice would you give to help increase the popularity of cricket in Spain?

2007 – DG–If coaches remain active and try to increase school involvement then popularity will increase naturally. By promoting the game at a local level and encouraging more Spanish born players to become involved in coaching, umpiring and developing the game you will also see the popularity rise.

CE – Do you have any further suggestions on how to increase the popularity of Cricket in Spain

2020 DG — As we chatted before, it still remains an ICC goal to develop the game in Spain, difficult as little understanding of cricket for the Spanish, but if we can sell it as a different, short game, T20/TIO/Hundred, it will be quick, fun & a different game for young children.

CE—We host our first ever ECC outdoor tournament this year-What can we do to help make it a successful one?

2007 – DG—Firstly, you have a great location to advertise Spanish cricket and lots of activities nearby to keep the Juniors interested in the evenings and days off when they are not playing cricket-By ensuring added attractions are available you will be able to run a first class tournament, where everybody, players, families and friends enjoy their stay in Spain.

CE- How do you think the Cricket venues in Spain have developed over the last few years and your thoughts on them

2020 DG — Yes of course & now it is great to be involved with the National Team, great to see players who have come via your Youth Development & also some Coaches who have taken courses with me [maybe time for more courses in Spain to get more coaches on the circuit & develop players for the future?)

CE—What impressions do you have of Spanish Cricket?

2007 – DG—I am very impressed with the facilities at La Manga and I think they could easily be used for ECC events. From a coaching standpoint it is great to see how Spain is developing and driving forward and that there are new people who are becoming increasingly involved in coaching in Spain.

2020 DG — As above, as the cricket has developed & improved so have the facilities, certainly in La Manga & Desert Springs, hopefully this will expand to the other playing areas in Spain, Madrid & Barcelona as examples.

CE—Any final thoughts on Spanish Cricket?

2007 – DG—I have had a very enjoyable but brief visit to Spain and I have been assured that Spanish Cricket is positive and forward thinking in their ambitions for Spanish Cricket.

CE – Any further comments now you are involved on a more personal level as the National team Coach of the Men’s team?

2020 – DG  Yes, I’m really enjoying my time with the National side & it would be great to spend more time with the squad & fringe players, there would have been opportunities coming up & hopefully we will have the proposed fixtures in the not too distant future. The National squad are a talented group of players, as we have proved in the last year, the challenge is to make sure we keep improving, playing strong opposition & making sure the younger players will develop & be ready to take their opportunities in the future!

CE—Thanks Dave for taking time out to speak to CE.

Vamos Espana!

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