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Today´s Daily Snippet comes courtesy of the European Cricket Network and shows former Spanish International Armghan Khan smashing 63 not out off just 32 balls for his team Cataluyna Cricket Club in the first ever ECL tournament that was played in La Manga, Murcia in 2019.
Armghan said of the experience of playing in the ECL ;
“It was a great experience and honour for me to represent my club and couintry in the big ECL event that was televised around the world. The event itself was great and the live covergae was amazing. In fact, throughout all of the ECL the excitement was amazing and it was like playing at international level. The whole team enjoyed it a lot, and we are still watching all our matches on you tube when we want to learn from them. The event is great for every cricketer and allows dreams to come true, the whole experience was like being involved in an international standard cricket atmosphere”.
He also recently did a question and answer session with the ECN and here are some more of his thoughts :

Cricket-wise how has your life changed since COVID19 crisis?

We are stuck at home, we normally play cricket every Sunday, but everything is stopped at the moment.

What’s the toughest part of the current COVID19 crisis for you?

We can’t meet our friends and cannot watch live matches at our ground.

Positively, what is the best part? If any?!

Best part is spending a lot of time with my family. My daughters are very happy, playing a lot of games with me.

Who or what is your greatest inspiration at this time?

My kids who are facing this situation with great strength, telling me not to go outside, stressing that there is a virus so nobody should go outside.

What do you do more of these days?

More exercise and trying to cook some good food.

What do you do less of these days?

I am not reading as much these days.

What would be your dream FIRST game back after the fight has been won against COVID19?

I would like to play in the European Cricket League against V.O.C. Rotterdam.

What was the highlight of your cricketing career so far?

I really wanted to play for the Pakistan national team, but I ended up coming to Spain instead. I have played for Spain so my dream is 60 % complete!

Who is the best bowler you’ve faced?

Pakistan seamer Muhammad Asif.

Who is the fastest bowler you’ve faced?

Tanveer Iqbal who played county cricket in England and former Pakistan test cricketer Ata-Ur-Rehman.

Who is the best batsman you’ve played with?

Yasir Ali and Tariq Awan are both class batsmen.

Enjoy the you tube video by clicking on the link below, and tell us what, where and when is your favourite innings played by a Cricket España member.




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