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A.               GENERAL 

A1.      The Competition shall be held under the auspices of Cricket España (CE), and it is the wish of CE that all players, officials and spectators enjoy the Competition and enjoy Cricket in the way it should be played. 

A2.      The Competition shall be managed in by the same process that manages the ECCL League.

Eastern and Central Cricket League Competition will be known, in this document, as the ECCL T20.

 A3.      Each Club shall be responsible for ensuring that its players and officials are familiar with Competition Rules and Playing Conditions. Team Captains are reminded that they are responsible for the conduct of both their team and individual players. 

A4.      Fixture lists will be issued by the Regional League Committees. The team whose name appears on the left side of the list shall be designated the ‘home team’. Unless otherwise agreed by the League Committee all games shall be played on the dates and at the venues specified. 


B1.      All clubs participating in the ECCL T20 League must be registered with CE. ECCL require full information from clubs on their players, and a copy of NIE or passport details to be forwarded to the membership secretary before the start of the season and before the issue of ID cards. 

B2.      All players participating in the League must be registered with their club and with the CE.

            Note! A player may be registered for a number of clubs but can only play League Cricket for one club in the current year. 

B3.      All other matters covering club and player eligibility are ccovered by the ECCL League Competition Rules Part 1. 


B4.  Disciplinary Matters 

            All disciplinary matter will be covered by the ECCL League Competition Rules Part 1. 


            CE Anti-Racism Policy is coverd by the ECCL League Competition Rules Part1                                                                                               

 C.        DRESS CODE 

            All items of apparel shall be consistent with the traditions of the game of cricket.  Specifically, players shall adhere to the following dress code: 

            a) Shirts shall be mainly white or cream with a collar. The wearing of ‘T’ shirts is not allowed. Shirts may be embellished only with the players’ club names and/or logo, and club’s official sponsors’ names.

             b) Long trousers shall be white or cream. Shorts and non-white tracksuit trousers are not permitted. 

            c) Footwear – Spikes are not permitted. 

            d) No player should be permitted to take the field without any white clothing unless approval is given by both the Umpires and the opposing Captain. 

The CE appointed umpires shall be responsible for enforcing the dress code. Non-compliance    may result in the player in question being deemed ineligible to take part in the game. 


D1.      The Laws of Cricket (2017 Code) shall apply. Games should be played not only within the Laws but also within the spirit of the game. The major responsibility for ensuring the spirit of fair play rests with the Captains. (The Preamble – Spirit of Cricket refers) 

The Laws of Cricket 2017 Code will apply except when varied by the ECCL League Competition Rules and those changes detailed below.

The precedence will be as follows:- 

The details below will take precedence over the ECCL League Competion Rules which in turn will take precedence over the Laws of Cricket 2017 Code. 

D2.      Competing Teams 

                        The following teams will compete in the 2019 ECCL T20 League Competition 

                        Sporting Alfas C C

                        Levante C C                                                                                                                                                                                                  

                        La Manga/Torrevieja C C

                        Madrid CC

                        Madrid Super Stars C C

                        Madrid United C C

                        Pinatar Pirates C C 

D3.      ECCL League T20 Competition Rules 

D3.1    Players 

A team may consist of 12 players.  Only 11 may bat or be on the field at any time.  All 12 may bowl. Umpires must be informed before any player leaves or comes on to the field of play. 5  penalty runs will be awarded to the batting side for each breach of this requirement.  A player  may only play for one team. 

D3.2    Overs 

Twenty 6 ball overs per side. Bowlers are restricted to a maximum of 4 overs each

In the event of inclement weather, matches may be shortened to 15, 10 or 5 overs per innings so as to finish by the latest scheduled time.  A shortened match, once started, must be completed otherwise it will count as a No Result. Each bowler may only bowl a maximium of one fifth of  the overs. 

D3.3    Time limits 

Each innings must be completed within a total allowance of 4 minutes per over, i.e. 80   minutes for a 20 over match and pro rata for shortened matches. 

The batting side will be awarded 6 runs per over for every full over remaining after the time limit has elapsed. The remaining over(s) will be bowled.

The incoming batsman has 90 seconds after the fall of a wicket to get to the crease. 

D3.4    Fielding restrictions 

First 6 overs of each innings 

Maximum of 2 fielders outside the 30 yard circle. In the case of shortened matches, this restriction will apply for the first 5, 3 or 2 overs of 15, 10 and 5 overs-per-innings matches   respectively.


Maximum of 5 fielders allowed outside 30 yard circle.

At all times

Maximum of 5 fielders allowed on the leg side.

D3.5     No balls and wides

No ball – short pitched over shoulder height, 2 runs. No free hit.

No ball – full pitch above waist height, batsman standing upright at the crease, 2 runs. No free hit.

Wide ball on the offside over or outside painted white guideline 35 inches from centre stump, 2  runs.

‘One day wides’ down the leg side will apply. 2 runs.

 A no ball or wide, except in the last over, will not constitute an extra ball unless it is a ‘front foot’ no ball. Extra ball will only apply in the last over.

Throughout the 20 overs a “foot fault” no ball is worth 2 runs plus and extra ball which is a free hit. A “foot fault” no ball shall not count in the over. (Only if a batsman has changed ends may captains adjust the field)                                                                                                                                           

D3.6    Points 

Win – 2 points  No Result – 1 point   Loss – 0 points

Teams finishing level on points – Positions to be determined by Overall Run Rate 2 matches per day – 10 matches in total.

D3.7    Dress Code – White in accordance with C above.

D3.8    Pink Cricket Balls to be used – 2 NEW cricket balls per match (4 per day) 

D3.9    HOME club to send completed scorecards to John Howden & the ECCL Chairman within 2 days of completion of each day’s play – 4 scorecards.

It is IMPORTANT that all scorecard information is CORRECT especially TEAM TOTALS and OVERS and number of BALLS BOWLED – RUN RATES are liable to be VERY CLOSE.                      Teams are requested to be ACCURATE with information.

Run Rate will be calculated over all 10 Matches.

D3.10  All matches to be played on the designated dates unless cancelled by the relevant Ground Authority in which case fixtures will be rearranged where possible.

There is to be no “swopping” T20 fixtures with 40 Over fixtures. If this occurs both offending lubs will be penalised. The fixtures will be null and void. NOT to be rearranged. Both clubs   will suffer a 2 point deduction. 

D3.11  Competition Winner to represent the ECCL in Play Off with Catalunya Champions and potentially other regions to establish Spanish representative for 2020 European Club Tournament.                                                                                                            



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