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Thanks to increased funding from ICC Europe, Cricket Espana have this year provided much needed equipment and facilities for various clubs throughout the country. Last year, all clubs were asked to provide Cricket España with a “wish list ” of requirements to improve cricket facilities in their area and then the CE directorate prioritised clubs needs with the emphasis being on the establishment of new grounds and ground development. 

Albox, Cordaba, Lanzarote and Tarragona were the main beneficiaries of this increased funding. At Albox, Cricket España were able to assist the club in their long standing ground project by funding the seeding and irrigation system for their new ground. The ground construction to date had been self funded by members of Albox and Mojacar cricket club and this additional funding give the project the much needed impetus to bring the ground closer to completion. You can follow the development of the ground on the Albox website at the link provided below.


Lanzarote currently have two grounds that are based on the volcanic ash that is prevalent on the island. The two grounds at Puerto Del Carmen and Yaiza were used for league fixtures last year but with the assistance of Cricket España the Lanzarote Cricket Association will be receiving two Flix Mats for their grounds and three Ultimate Action Indoor Mats to promote indoor cricket on the island.

Tarragona is an enterprising project that as come to fruition as a result of a group of cricket enthusiasts liaising with the local ayuntamiento. The council offered some wasteland and thanks to the hard work of Mohib Hussein and his friends league cricket is being played this year at the venue. Their hard work has been rewarded by Cricket España, and they will shortly be receiving a Notts Sports artificial pitch to replace the current mat they have, which only allows bowling from one end. Below is a picture of the Notts Sports D Synthetic pitch that will be used in Tarragona.

Notts Sport

Cordaba Cricket Club have confirmed they have the prospect of a ground and that is great news for that region were clubs in that area have in the past travelled to Gibraltar to play games. The directorate of Cricket España are working hard with Cordoba Cricket Club officials to assist them in their progress and Cricket España have donated a flix pitch to help them on their way to playing regular cricket in that region. (see the Cordaba ground below)

Madrid and Barcelona will also be getting some financial assistance, with mobile net cages being sought so both clubs can have training sessions on a regular basis. Madrid have just confirmed recently that they have acquired a new ground at the sports centre on University Rey Juan Carlos in the south of Madrid, and Barcelona frequently play day and night matches at Montjuic Baseball stadium, next to the 1992 Olympic stadium and Espanyol`s football ground in the North of the city.

With the recent influx of clubs joining Cricket España it was imperative that new grounds came available. With the advent of these new grounds and the development of others, the progress of cricket in Spain continues on a strong upward trend and the future of Spanish cricket continues to move forward in a positive direction.



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