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Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th July, saw the CE Chairman, Phil Beal, and Membership Secretary, Melissa Beal visit Cordoba after receiving an invitation from Cordoba Cricket Club President, Riaz Ahmed Butt. The visit was an opportunity for Cordoba CC to show the progress they have made over the past year, and also for CE to meet with Malaga Cricket Club members who were in Cordoba to play their latest League Series match on the Sunday. 

Saturday afternoon included a two hour development meeting with Cordoba Committee and club members. Club President, Riaz Ahmed Butt discussed the relationship that Cordoba CC is building with the local ayuntamiento. Cordoba produced a written project including an explanation of cricket and then presented this to the council. This has lead to the local council and club together identifying an area of land that can be used for cricket. 

The Cordoba club members have worked hard on this land for the past few months, and after receiving a ‘Flicx mat’ from Cricket Espana to assist with ground development, they now have a pitch suitable for league cricket. Works on improving some outfield areas will continue throughout the year. Other topics discussed at the meeting included junior cricket, umpire and coaching courses, media & marketing, including cricket tourism. 

Cordoba CC, already working towards their own plan, we very appreciative with Cricket Espana’s input and ideas, and everyone left the meeting feeling enthused and confident about the future of cricket in the Cordoba region. 

Cricket Espana will now follow up this meeting with providing Kwik Cricket Sets and accompanying literature, a copy of the CE Presentation to the ICC, which can be used to give a better understanding of the growth of cricket here in Spain to their local council. CE will also look to provide a joint umpire’s course for both Cordoba & Malaga CCs. 

Sunday morning brought a trip to the ground to meet the rest of the Cordoba CC and Malaga CC members. CE were warming welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed the friendly atmosphere during a very competitive game. 

The CE Chairman, Phil Beal, also had the opportunity to talk with Malaga CC President, Asif Tarrar. Malaga CC are also working hard to develop cricket in their region, but have yet to secure a ground. They are presently in discussions with their local council to try and identify somewhere suitable. A meeting is due to be arranged between Malaga CC and representative from their local council in July. 

The CE Chairman has offered to attend this meeting to help add more support to Malaga CC’s aim of having a home ground. This year they are playing all their League Series games in Cordoba, showing the passion and determination they have to play cricket. 

Facility development is a high priory for Cricket Espana, and with the continued hard work of our Member Clubs combined with support from CE, progress in ground development across the country is gaining momentum.  As of today, for 2009, there are already four new grounds under development, Albox, Turre, Cordoba and Tarragona, with the latter two already holding League Cricket fixtures.

CE Chairman with Cordoba CC President & Malaga CC President, and club members. 


CE Chairman, Phil Beal and Cordoba CC President, Riaz Ahmed Butt.


Grounds Photo 


Cordoba CC & Malaga CC Teams, and spectators. 

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