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by: CricketEspana

Thanks to Neil Brook for today´s contribution to the daily snippet.
Being Captain of a team can be a lonely feeling at times. Today Neil offers three key tips to consider when captaining a team ..
1 – What makes a good captain ?
A captain needs to be a good communicator, as well as have a good cricketing knowledge, be a good listener, and lead by example. He needs to think on his  on his feet.and above all understand the three P´s; plan, prepare and produce.
Needs to understand, the 3 P’s, plan, prepare, Produce.
2 – When to use your Leg Spinner ?
A good captain that understands his players will know how to get the best out of the games most potential weapon, A LEG SPINNER.
Just look at the stats of two leading wicket takers in world game Muriali & Warne.
A quote from one of the worlds leading coaches Terry Jenner (Shane Warnes coach) “Always give your leg Spinner a BUCKET OF 40 RUNS  to play with In a 40 over game, even if they go for a lot runs early, they will pick you up wickets when being attacked”.
 A good left arm off spinner can offer a similar role with less varification but more control.
3-  Setting a field ?
A captain needs to plan his attack and when to defend depending on how the game goes. He must be also ready to change and think on your feet when certain plans require changes.
A good example of this would be your opening bowler wants a 7/2 split field 7 on the off and 2 on leg side. He then bowls without control and keeps dropping short pitch balls on the leg sid. What do you do ?
A good captain should have at least 2 options, in this instancev a quick chat the with bowler to assess his confidence to get the plan right,, or a change in the field. DON’T WAIT BEFORE ITS TO LATE.
Thanks for the additional comments and feedback from George Wambeek ..
1. What makes a good captain?
GW…. Captain needs the respect of his team,to have a game plan with the head coach before a game and the captain know his players and their roles in that team before a game,  The captain should also have the confidence to do whatever the coach and the team think before a game. The mind set is important and to have a good vice-captain is invaluable, and have to think quickly in pressure situations.
2. When to use your Leg Spinner ?
GW… Good for a 40 over game but not a good idea in a T20 as a leg  spinner has to be good and accurate on the stumps right from offset to be effective for the team, Good to be used in the start of an innings with 2 overs to start with confidence in the players and captain, Lots  of PRACTICE makes a good player
3. Setting a field ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  GW… In a t20  you dont have time to fluff about what the bowler needs, the captain takes control of the field placing and let the bowler concentrate on bowling accurate to the teams plan. Captain has to have at his disposal 5 main bowlers going into the game and 2 or 3 back up bowlers just in the case to fall back on. This should be done with the coach and captain in their discussions before the game and is important in the planning.




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