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Todays Daily Snippet comes from Gilly Singh who plays his cricket on the island of Lanzarote.
Last year he represented the Spanish A team in a competition that they marginally lost out to against the England Deaf Squad.
Here Gilly explains how he intends to turn a negative into a positive.
I hope everyone is staying at home and safe in this tragedy that we are going through. I have heard some complaints from people how tough it is to stay in the house. There are so many different things people can do at home to stay occupied mentally and physically.
I would like to address this little. message to all cricket lovers/learners.
Almost every cricketer will agree with Glenn McGrath´s words ” I think ability is 10 to 20 percent requirement, you need 80 to 90 percent mental strength”.
We always try to work on our skills to improve our game, but now we should take this isolation as an opportunity to prepare for the mentality side of the game which is massively overlooked.
In my opinion preparing mentally starts with physical fitness. Preparing our body will make us feel ready to tackle any situation in the game. Fitness will give us the besrt chance to use our skills to the best of our ability. We can use the internet and books as our coaches to find some ways to lead us to improve.our fitness. As we can not go outside to train in the nets, we can spend time trying to know our own game better. This is one of the best skills we can develop. It will help us to find and build our own way to handle difficult situations without making big changes to our game.
I live on one of the Canary Islands and we do not often get opportunities here to play the game, but I am very fortunate to have some senior players around me who I can observe, and they help me prepare mentally in times when I am not playing. Similarly, we can take this opportunity to help us by watching video clips of preofessionals, readeing books, working on our fitness, finding/knowing our own game, indoor cricket drills, etc. This preparation will keep us busy and will bring confidence to help us perform better  when the opportunity arrives.
I shall conclude by saying that this is the time to invest in learning and observing to improve your game. When we are not playing we observe. When we are playing we perform.
Varinder Singh Gill – Lanzarote Cricket Association




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