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It is with great sadness that Cricket Espana reports the death of Clive Woodbridge. Clive, one of the pioneers of Spanish cricket passed away peacefully on Saturday 7th of November after a long illness.The picture above shows Clive receiving the prestigious ICC Centenary Volunteer Medal for services to Spanish cricket. The medal is one of only 1000 minted and given to volunteers worldwide, and it was presented by Richard Holdsworth of ICC Europe when he came over to inspect the Woodbridge Oval for the ICC Europe Divisional 3 Tournament this summer. That Spain got the chance to host its first Senior outdoor ICC international tournament and to use the ground named after Clive as one of the three venues in Spain was a fitting tribute to a man who broke so many boundaries to put Spanish Cricket where it is today. 

Clive, a fine batsman  in his playing days with Chesham in the Bucks league, was a founding member of Sporting Alfas along with the late Andrew Bond and Pamela Dawson Tasker. Inaugurated in 1995 and having their first game in 1996 Clive held the role of President for two years (1997-1998), Director (1997-2004), Treasurer (1999), and Chairman (1999-2006). Add to this the spell Clive had on the directorate of the CE and you can see how important Clive has been to cricket on the South-East coast of Spain.

Throughout his time on the board of CE he attended numerous meetings, clocked up hundreds of miles in travel and during his tenure on the directorate he helped to get Spain accepted as a member of  ICC Europe. His philosophy for successful cricket in Spain was simple but incredibly effective. Concentrate on getting touring teams to Albir and staying in the local hotels so they generate income to the local community. Both community and the standard of cricket benefit and everybody is happy. By remaining  fixture secretary at Alfas until just recently Clive continued to promote this concept and with many touring teams being repeat customers he was successful in turning Alfas into a competitive cricket outfit and in leaving the club in an healthy position financially off the field.

He will be sorely missed by all at Alfas and the Spanish cricket fraternity, and by many tourists, for whom Clive was the first point of contact with Alfas. Our sympathies go out to Anne and his two sons. Maurice and Alan. 

All at Cricket España send their sympathy to Clive´s family and friends. If you would like to add comments and condolences, please get in touch.


I’ve just received the sad news regarding Clive Woodbridge. While some of you might not know of Clive, there are many members of the Intellectuals CC who know him well and have come to regard him as a good friend. Clive was instrumental in establishing a cricketing fraternity in Alfas del Pi and later along the Costa Blanca and it is thanks to his keenness to further the game here that the Intellectuals have been able to play and participate as a club at various levels. Without his selflessness, dedication and enthusiasm, even after the setback of his wife falling ill and then his own illness, cricket in Spain would never have developed as it has and the Intellectuals would never have been able to continue as a club. Clive will be sorely missed by everyone, especially by his family but also by the large family of cricketers he has brought together over the years – a true gentleman who endeared himself to everyone; a sad loss indeed.


Laurence McGarry


Intellectuals CC





This is a very sad day for all his family, friends and most off all, the game he loved CRICKET in Spain. Clive was passionate about the game in Spain and we all knew that when we dealt with cricket matters with Clive, that he would stand firm on things that he thought was not quite right for the game, but would always consider and come back with comments or solution to how we should go about things. Clive was the pioneer who brought cricket to Spain. His determination and a lot of hard work to bring cricket to Spain and he saw the Spanish League started with only one ground and I know that he was the happiest man in Spain when the European Tournament was held in Spain and at Alfaz. His dream came true.

We will all miss Clive from our lives, as every one knows who played at Alfas, he was always there to greet players and teams and would not miss a game. His presence will always be at Alfas CC and God Bless Clive Woodbridge.

May you rest in peace.


George Wambeek


Director of Spanish Cricket


My first contact with Spanish Cricket was via Clive when I responded to adverts he had placed in the local press asking for new players and members for Sporting Alfas CC. He was there to meet me the first day I went to Alfas and helped ease me smoothly into the set up there. When I became secretary of CE I finally began to understood just how much work behind the scenes he had done for Spanish cricket. His minutes from meetings have frequently answered questions in seconds that would have otherwise taken hours to respond too and his knowledge of Spanish cricket was something I was priveledged to call upon various times. His administrative efficency and passion for the game in Spain were second to none and the skill and precision with which he organised visits for touring teams ensured they continued to return year after year. He was a unique man who will be sorely missed.


John Howden




Secretary of Spanish Cricket and Sporting Alfas


Many of you who played cricket in Spain with Nomads and Cricket World XI teams will have met Clive Woodbridge who died Saturday. Clive made a quite outstanding contribution to Cricket in Spain,The Spanish Cricket Association and Sporting Alfas Cricket Club.

Michael Blumberg
Nomads CC

On behalf of Madrid Cricket Club, please accept our most sincere condolences on the sad death of Mr. Clive Woodbridge. I did not have the opportunity to meet him personally, but it is evident he was instrumental in making cricket here in Spain what it is now, and we are all now benefitting from his unstinting commitment and hard work.

Please pass on our condolences to everyone at Sporting Alfas CC and his family.


David Stirton
Secretary Madrid CC

Sorry to hear about Clive dying Saturday. I know he will be missed by lots of people.


Julie Morris



Former CE Membership Secretary







Spanish cricket will greatly miss Clive, who for me and my fellow team mates encapsulated the “Spirit of Cricket”. From the first game we played here in Spain in 2001, to my most recent visit during this years senior tournament, I received the same warm greeting as we did on our first visit to Alfas. He was instrumental in helping the growth of our club, and for this he will be dearly remembered. May his spirit live on.


In Sympathy                                                       



Phil Beal




Chairman Cricket España                                                                                                                                                    

For many of the current members of cricket Alfas, Clive was the first point of contact and welcomed newcomers to the club. He has also been a principle contact for touring teams, presenting an efficient and educated air to the proceedings. Whilst perhaps not such a visible role, the efforts that he has put in, over many decades, to Spanish cricket in general, can only be imagined from the detailed and orderly records that he kept. I will remember him for his calm and gentlemanly attitude, yet clear passion for the game of cricket.






Dear Maurice & Alan,

I was very sad to receive the news of your father’s death from John Rose. I got to know Clive when I entered Load Control in BEA in 1961 and our paths crossed many times during our careers in the airline. I always held him in the highest regard as a man of considerable principle and fairness in his dealings with others.
Most of all, I have the fondest of memories of being closetted with him and Richard Proctor in a small office in West London Air Terminal as user representatives trying to influence the design of a computerised DCS and being thwarted by systems analysts and programmers who refused to recognise the real airline world. Your Dad would often raise us from our despondency by suddenly shouting “catch” and lobbing a cricket ball, that he kept in his desk drawer for such purposes, at one or other than us and keeping a score of our failures to catch.
My admiration of your Dad deepened considerably when I observed the courage and stoicism he showed when he suffered the first bout of illness and the treatment that followed. I thought in those days that I would not have been able to show such fortitude if I had been struck down in a similar fashion. Yet, when I was repatriated to the UK from my KLM post in Singapore in 1996 following my diagnosis with cancer, my thoughts turned to Clive and I found a degree of strength in reflecting upon how he dealt with his disease so many years previously.
Although I cannot be with you on the 11th of November, my thoughts are with you and your family at the loss of an extraordinary human being (I know he would throw a cricket ball at me for being so overtly complimentary).

The world will be a sadder place without him.



John Connolly


Dear Maurice & Alan,

You will not know me, but I am a cricket friend of your father.

I just wish to offer yourself and family my condolences as far as the death of your father is concerned. He has made an outstanding contribution towards the formulation of cricket on the Costa Blanca and I for my part have been very grateful to him, for his efforts.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend his funeral on Wednesday but I offer you my best wishes.



Bill Curness


Maurice, Alan,

Your father was a lovely man and a great supporter of cricket in Spain.

The condolences of Harpenden Cricket Club go to you both and all at Alfas CC.
We will be with you in spirit on Wednesday.



Geoff Newman


Dear Alan and Maurice,

I have learnt through my old friend John Clench (OLA Beirut branch) that Clive has passed away.

How very sad and my sincere condolences to all the family. I have many memories of Clive and off course your dear mother. Clive through opening the OLA cricket club batting with him for several years back in the late 60’s. We had many a dual to see who could get to 1,000 runs first in the season and I remember we both got there one season probably 1966. I still have the picture from the Harrow Observer somewhere in the files!. Your dear mother through her patience watching Clive at the crease from the pavilion deck chairs and off course her smashing teas that she used to prepare along with my mother Kathleen (Kate Woodbridge)!
I also remember your grandmother who used to teach me at prep school House in Old Eastcote.Too long ago to remember 1950/51

I learnt about Clives involvement with Cricket in the Javea region of Spain through a friend of mine who was touring Spain with a cricket side called Jack Frosts X1 and brought back a printed programme and asked whether I knew the president of Javea Clive Woodbridge. Amazing small world and brilliant that the Ground has been named after Clive.

A world that will miss Clive.

Once again my condolences.I would have prefered to write but with no contact address

Kindest regards

Robert Woodbridge


Hello Alan,
I am very sorry to hear of your loss.

Please accept our condolences from all at Morton Cricket Club.
Our thoughts are with you, your family and all at Sporting Alfas CC.
Kind Regards

Graeme Turton


Dear Alan
Having just learnt of the tragic news of your Father’s bereavement may I offer my sincerest condolences to you and the family.
I had the fortune of meeting your Father when I was in Spain on a cricket tour with the Nomads a couple of years ago. He struck me then as to how nice he was and how much of a gentleman he was.
May the Almighty grant you and the whole family strength at this difficult time.

Yours sincerely

Asif Padhari




Dear Maurice and Alan, 

It is with sincere and deep regret that I received the news of Clive’s death.  I knew him closely when we were developing cricket here in Spain and admired and respected him very much.

 He will be a great loss to society in general because of his unswerving high standards that he demanded of everyone including himself and of his passion for life.  However, to me and many others he was a good friend.  However, I am sure that our loss is nothing like the loss that you, his family, are feeling.  Please accept my condolences.

Kind and sympathetic regards,

Ken Sainsbury


Dear Alan and Maurice

I was very saddened to receive this news and apologise that I will be unable to be with you today. Your dad was a charming gentleman and could not have been more helpful to me when I was organising the visit by the Phoenix Taverners from Dublin to play in Albir in 2006 and 2007.

Please accept my condolences at your great loss

Yours sincerely

Stephen Lombard




Dear Maurice and Alan

We the committee of Cricket España wish to relay our deep sadness in the loss of our great Spanish Ambassador Clive Woodbridge. Always looking for the good of Spanish cricket and the good the game as a whole.

We will miss Clive.

May god bless Anne his wife of which our prayers and thoughts go out to her.

God Bless 

Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos Rodriguez Martinez
President – CE
Finance Director – CE




Dear Maurice and Alan, 

I was so sorry to learn about your father, who gave such service to his wonderful cricket club – which I umpired on a couple of occasions with Richard Kew. 

I too am a fellow cancer sufferer and I just hope he was in no pain towards the end. 

I will always have very fond memories of him – a true gentleman. 

Kind regards,

Peter M. Dodgson



Dear Maurice and Alan

This is very sad news.  Your father was one of the first people I met when I played at Alfas probably 15 years ago for Cricket World.  He was the person who made the first Cryptics’ trips possible as well.
Everyone from the UK who has been to play cricket at Sporting Alfas CC would have appreciated his welcome and company.  We shall be back with you in April 2010 as part of our centenary celebrations and I am sure we shall raise a glass in his memory.
On behalf of the Cryptics Cricket Club and especailly those who have enjoyed the cricket at Alfas which he made possible, please accept my condolences.
Yours sincerely

Nick Priestnall

Cryptics Cricket Club 


I am very sad to hear of the death of your Dad. I had heard he had been battling against cancer for some time, in fact I spoke to him about a year or so ago, when the club I play (occasionally) for Harefield CC was thinking of another overseas tour having just spent a weekend playing cricket in Rome. 
It is a terrific honour that the ground was named after him but I know he put in an enormous amount of work to get the club running to the extent it does today. 
I have some very vivid memories of opening the batting with Clive for the OLs – way back in the mists of time – and i thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot from him and the way he played and batted. 
I will notify the powers that be so that notification can be sent around. In the meantime, on behalf of myself and everyone at the OLs, my sincere condolences to yourself and Maurice and your family. 


Dear Alan and Maurice,

John Connolly has just phoned to tell me the news about Clive.    Judy and I are so sad and can’t express how much we feel and how our thoughts are with you and the family at this time.   It is with sincere regret that we cannot be with you on Wednesday – but it is now Monday evening and it just isnt possible to get there in time from deepest Devon – please be assured that we will be thinking of you.

I had the honour of escorting your father around on his first day in BEA back in 1959 and had the pleasure of woking with him , both at Heathrow and in the Training Centre at Heston.
Although our ways have parted in recent years, I still remember some very happy times with him, both at work and socially.  
I cannot say more now, but please do get in touch with us when you get back to UK  –

With sincerest good wishes and deepest sympathy,
Judy and Richard (Dick to Clive!)



On behalf of everyone at Pacific Cricket Club here in London, our most sincerest condolences to you & all your family at this time of your loss.

I only met Clive the once but we exchanged emails & he struck me as a fair honest & genial man whom I’d wished I’d grown to know better.

I hope the family will be joined on Wednesday by as many of his friends who can be there & his life celebrated.

Best Regards

Peter Hollman

Club Secretary

Pacific Cricket Club  


I am so saddened to learn of Clive’s passing as indeed will all of the Old Doms when I share this terribly sad news. We were very aware that he was bravely battling against his illness and despite his most recent suffering and frail health he still typically came along to the Woodbridge Oval to chat with us about cricket and contribute towards generally putting the world to right!

It was a real pleasure to have known him. He was always personable, helpful and a true gentleman with old world manners – I’ll miss him when we tour again. Please accept our sincere condolences.

Warmest regards



Dear Maurice Alan and Anne.

I had heard from Adrian yesterday about Clives passing.

He put up such a great fight, and must have had Cancer for 25 years or more.

I shall miss him. We go back such a long time as we lived so closely in Hatchend, and  through the war years.

One thing that comes to mind is a very warm day in the summer. I was 6 and Clive was 7. So we decided to take all our clothes off and run naked through the fields at the back of the houses, Which backed on the the Railway lines. Needless to say we got many smiles and waves from passengers on the trains that passed. Parents were not to pleased though.

I spoke with him 2 weeks ago he sounded very ill and frail. He is at peace now.

Bless him.

Please accept our sincere sympathy in the  loss of your Father, Ann’s Husband, and my dear Cousin.

Mary  and George Pavlikos.



Very sorry to hear the sad news of your Dad’s passing.  We had two very enjoyable tours to Albir and hope to return again one day.  Both tours went smoothly in large part because of Clive’s assistance.  It is fitting that the ground carries his name, and he will be a huge loss.  Will be thinking of you all on Wednesday.

Deepest condolences on behalf of all at Rogerstone Cricket Club (S.Wales)

Andrew Trinder
Sec.Rogerstone C.C. 


Hello Maurice and Alan, 

We are so sorry to read that Clive has passed away.

He was a great figure in BEA,especially in the Training Centre,Heston,where I first met him.He had strong convictions and was a tower of strength.I thought his direct approach  would do him damage,but he stuck with them.He was an inspiration to us,the other members of Ground Ops Training,under Les Sayer.

Sorry,we will not be able to attend the ceremony on Wednesday,but we will be there in spirit.

God be with you all on Wednesday,

Best Regards

from John and Ann Rose.  


Dear Alan,

I was very sad to hear of your Dad’s passing away, hopefully he can rest peacefully after being laid down by such a terrible illness, I will always remember Clive as the life blood of Spanish cricket and the high regard everyone involved in Cricket had for him.

He will be missed by everyone but always in cricketers minds when they play at the Woodbridge Oval, On behalf of my family and junior Spanish cricketers our Sincere condolences to you and your Family. 

Kind Regards 

Neil Brook 

Director Junior Cricket Spain 



Thanks for the email. 

I would like to send condolences from all at Chorleywood Cricket Club. We have had 3 great tours to Alfas, all arranged with your father who was always very helpful, kind and welcoming, so I am very sorry to hear the news.

 Kindest regards


(Chorleywood CC Captain)



Hi there Maurice and Alan 

Many thanks for your email, we were informed by Philip at the cricket club of the sad news.

I as a member of Sporting Alfas CC and all back here in Scotland at my current club (Glenrothes CC) wish to pass on our condolences to you and your family.

I only knew your dad for the past 3 years or so and I can only say good things about him.  Such a kind person with only good things to say to people, he was always such a positive person both in terms of his illness and life in general.  He certainly welcomed me to the club when I joined last year during my 5 month stay in Spain.  I spoke to him when we returned for our tour in September and he did say how ill he was but that he was just getting on with things, and all the while one thing remained, that being his smile.

Once again condolences to you and your family and I hope all goes as well as could be on Wednesday.

 Many thanks

Greig Hopcroft

Glenrothes CC (Scotland)



Hi Alan,

I am really sorry for your loss. Clive was our contact with Sporting Alfas when we came over for two cricket tours a few years ago. We all very much enjoyed our time out in Albir and all greatly appreciated the effort he went to in order to make us feel welcome and enjoy our time in Spain.


Mark Wardman

Chesham Bois Cricket Club


Dear Maurice and Alan

Thank you for passing on the sad news of your father’s death. We met up with Clive when we visited the Woodbridge Oval several years ago, keen to witness the phenomenon of English cricket on the Costa Blanca. From that first visit we were struck by your father’s friendliness and his obvious deep love of the game. On our return to England we arranged a cricket tour for our local side, Tavistock C C, with whom we have been connected for many years.  

The tour was so successful, and Clive so helpful in making the arrangements, that we returned again the following year and plan to do so again next year. Many of us at Tavistock will miss Clive’s presence. He was a man for whom we had, and continue to have, the utmost respect and whose untiring work for others marked him out as a very special person. Please accept our condolences on his passing. A very courageous man.

Kind Regards

Jan & Andrew Jarman
Tavistock C C 

Good Afternoon Maurice and Alan
Clive and I first met at Chesham/Chorleywood and we played together at Alderley in 1973. We played/together and against each other for ten years in Spain.
We have watched him over the last couple of years with ever increasing sadness and I was horrified at his state when I am saw him last.
At last he is at rest; no man deserved it more. He was simply one of the world's nicest men and did not deserve the things life threw at him.
Neither Christine nor I can be with you on Wednesday - but we will clear half an hour and will quietly sit down and drink a toast to him and think of all of you at this very sad time. 
Regards and best wishes, and may the Lord give you all strength
Christopher Horne
Good Afternoon again Alan
On the orders of Clive Eliott, Club Chairman, the pavilion flag at Alderley Edge Cricket Club will be flown at half mast for the rest of the week
Christopher Horne


Good Evening again Alan

The toast to Clive was proposed by John Leadbetter in the Rose and Crown

Chorleywood this evening. 

John is the organiser of his generation at John Lyon and pointed out that he had

known Clive for 61 years. He has notified the other 20+ survivors of their age

and suggested there should be a memorial service in the UK in due course. 

I will gladly organise that if it is the wish of the family 



Dear Alan and Maurice 

I am so saddened to learn of your Father’s passing as indeed will all of the Old Doms when I share this terribly sad news. We were very aware that your Father was bravely battling against his illness and despite his most recent suffering and frail health he still typically came along to the Woodbridge Oval to chat with us about cricket and contribute towards generally putting the world to right! 

It was a real pleasure to know your Father. He was always personable, helpful and a true gentleman with old world manners – I’ll really miss him. Please accept our sincere condolences and pass on our thoughts and love to your Mum, Ann. 

Warmest regards 

John Anstey



On behalf of Flowery Field Cricket Club, Hyde, Cheshire, may I pass on our sincere condolences to yourself and your family. Unfortunately we will not be in a position to attend the funeral but our thoughts will be with you all.
It was a pleasure to have met your Dad and it is testament to his love of cricket that Sporting Alfas CC will continue and grow, along with the popularity of the sport in Spain.

Once again, yourself and your family are in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.

Regards, Tony.    

Tony Weatherley
Detective Sergeant
Xcalibre OCU
Greater Manchester Police


Dear Maurice and Alan, 

Having had many dealings with your father over the years, I received the news of his passing away with much sadness.      Please accept my sincerest condolences. 

Tom Finlayson,

Chairman, Gibraltar Cricket Association.



I have received the sad news from a no. of Cricketing friends. I’m a recent convert to email, so wouldn’t be on any list. 
I have known your Father ever since the first game played at Alfas- perhaps 15 years ago- and I’ve held him in the highest regard to the end. My condolences to you all. My love to Anne. 

Remember the good times! 
Charlton Lamb 


Hello, Maurice and Alan,

My thoughts are with you both and Anne at this sad time. I will attend on wednesday. many thanks for giving me the opportunity to say my farewells to a great pioneer of the game here in Spain without whom a lot of people would not have the chance to play.

Kevin Laudon.  



Dear Maurice and Allan,

I am indeed grateful to you for thinking to inform us of this very sad news.

We are a small touring cricket club which as well as playing in UK makes tours every two years to Mediterranean venues. It was in this capacity that we played at Sporting Alfas in 2004 and 2006.

It was clear to everyone that your Father possessed enormous drive and vision and the way in which he inspired others in the creation of the facilities at Albir and in the building-up of an astonishing fixture-list reflects his love for the Game.

The Ground and the Club he so nurtured will be a lasting memorial to a well-loved man.

Those of us who were on the last tour will specially cherish his company and that of your Mother at our Gala Dinner at The Kaktus and I am pleased that our members were then able to make a contribution to your local Cancer Research Society.

I doubt that it will be possible for us to be represented at the Funeral but I know that our members will be thinking of Clive and his family on Wednesday.

With our sympathy, on behalf of Arden Taverners, 

Michael Perkins  



Dear Maurice and Alan 

On behalf of the committee and members of Toulouse Cricket Club in France, please accept our sincere condolences at the loss of your father. 

Best Regards 

Toulouse CC


Dear Maurice and Alan 

Thank you for your e.mail and I am very sorry to hear about the death of your father.  You won’t know me but Clive helped me in the organisation of several school cricket tours to the Sporting Alfas Cricket Club over the past few years.  He couldn’t have been more pleasant and helpful and certainly made my job easier.

 I hope the service and cremation goes well for you and your family on Wednesday. 

With best regards. 

Jenny Jones

Edwin Doran Sports Travel 


Dear Alan, 

We are so sorry to hear about your loss! 

The Shaldon Optimists Cricket Club enjoyed the company of both Clive and Ann during our tours playing cricket in Spain. 

Please pass on our deepest sympathy and love to Ann and all the Family and the Cricket Club. 

Kind regards, 

Elizabeth Fulner and everyone at Shaldon Optimists CC.


Ex Chairman Harpenden Cricket Club 


Maurice and Alan 

We really appreciate your informing us of your father’s death. Our condolences to your family and the many people he knew over the years and associated with cricket, his life and love.  

It seems like five minutes ago that I met your dad in Albir and what a lovely day we spent with him there. A terrific man indeed.     

Unfortunately we will not be able to make this Wednesday, but we will be thinking of you all. 

Andrew Loughlin

Edwin Doran Sports Travel 


Thanks for  your email, albeit in such sad circumstances. My most recent contact with Clive was his help in organising a pre season visit that Milan C.C. made to the Sporting Alfas a year or two ago and before that we had contact many years ago when he was with the Old Lyonians and I was with Pinner C.C.

He was always efficient and helpful and his presence will be sadly missed.

I am afraid that I cannot come to the funeral but offer my sincere condolences to all the family. 

Mike De Morgan

Secretary Milan Cricket Club  














Alan; good evening from Beirut.




My most sincere condolences at the sad passing of your father – my old chum and cricket captain when at school, Clive. I received the news from another great chum and cricketing ace, ex school days – one Malcolm Ames, via Mike Christelow.




Just for the record books – I played under Clive for a couple of years, during which time we recorded perhaps the most devastating event of John Lyon School on the cricket field,  clocking up some 160 odd runs, where your Dad featured well, and then knocking Bishopshalt over for 7!!!  (3 of which were leg byes.) The other opening bowler (Brian Collins) and myself taking 5 for 2 apiece. Clive was really chuffed with this and you should have seen his face when the headmaster announced it at morning assembly, the following Monday. An unwavering grin from ear to ear!! A splendid batsman and a brilliant, close to wicket fielder.




Only met up with Clive a couple of times after leaving school – once in Jeddah and then again in Dubai when he was on placement with BA (?) or if not this, then airports and airlines anyway.




Anyway – just a bit of history to share with you.




Again, condolences to the family.  Best regards. John Clench.




p.s. – what a legacy to leave behind him >>>> ‘The Woodbridge Oval’. Fitting indeed. 






Dear Alan and Maurice 
Both Kate and I were very saddened to hear that Clive has passed away, and we would like to send our sincere condolences to you both and the rest of the family at this sad time. 
Clive was a friend for more than 60 years and, although we did not see each other much after he moved to Spain and we moved to Hong Kong, we did keep in touch fairly regularly, especially at Christmas. 
I am attaching a few photos taken when we met last, during our visit to Albir in 2001. We thought you might like to see them. 
Having visited the ground, I regularly look at the Sporting Alfaz website to see how the club is doing. I was delighted to read that it had been re-named the Woodbridge Oval. 
In his last Christmas missive Clive said that Ann was as well as could be expected. We would like to write to her if that is possible. Could you let me know how best to contact her. 
Again, our condolences to you all and we much appreciate you taking the trouble to keep us informed. 
Kind regards 
Graham Mead 




Morton CC


Maurice and Alan:


John Rose passed on the news of your dad’s death. I am very sorry to hear of your loss and I send you my deepest sympathy at this difficult time.


I worked with Clive when he was my supervisor in BEA Load Control in the late 1960s and early 1970s. In 1978 I was fortunate to work with him again in the British Airways training centre in Heston. We were together there as weight & balance (Load Control) training officers from 1978 until 1982 when I took early retirement and moved to the United States. Clive was a fun person to work with, a really nice man and a good friend. We have stayed in touch over the years with at least one annual letter and the odd e-mail.    

Heston was a really memorable and enjoyable part of my life. Coming back from some very unpleasant working conditions with British Airways in the Middle East to a disintegrating marriage was tough for me. Spending my days with Clive, John Rose, Dominic Howe, Dick Proctor and others gave me something to take my mind off my personal problems as well as providing much laughter and comradery. Had Dick not been forced out of his job as manager of the department, I probably would have stayed and I would be living in the UK now instead of over here.


My most lasting memory of Clive was our trip to Washington on Concorde. With Peter Smallbone’s retirement, Clive and I became the designated weight & balance instructors for that wonderful aircraft. Staff travel had essentially been banned on Concorde because of some errant behavior from a loader and his wife (at that time they allowed staff travel on Concorde as some kind of PR gimmick). Clive and I made the case: “How can we teach people about the fuel transfer system and its affect on weight & balance without seeing it first hand?” Captain Walpole who was in charge of the Concorde Division gave us the OK for a trip to Washington but we had to come back on a regular  subsonic aircraft. That’s how tight the control was. Long story short, we were having such a good time we forgot to ask to see the cockpit (or we couldn’t be bothered, I forget which). Unfortunately the training manager, John Bustard, found out and we got called on the carpet and dressed down. We were considered rebels anyway. Must be something about the Queens Building background.


Clive had his first bout with cancer at Heston so he had a 30-year respite and that’s nothing to be sneezed at. I don’t know what it was like living with it but he seems to have had a good life in Spain and I note the cricket pavilion where he set up the club was named in his honor. That is a fitting tribute to him and his passion for cricket. 


Again – my sympathy for your loss.


Bob Nicholas (British Airways 1966 – 1982)



So sorry to hear the news of Clive’s passing. Although I live in the UK I have had a flat in Calpe for 12 years and usually do some umpiring when I’m over.
Cricket in Spain and in particular Alfas owes Clive a huge debt of gratitude. I’m so glad the club renamed the ground whilst he was still with us.
Kind regards
Gerry Oliver



Dear Alan,

I would like to convey my sincere condolences to you and your family.

I hope it may be some comfort to know that having met your father whilst playing cricket in Spain, I shall keep fond memories of him as a generous, tireless, jovial and sincere host. Trips to Alfas will never quite be the same.

I regret I shall not be able to attend the ceremony.

Yours sincerely,
Mark Fitzgerald
Old Bean Gentlemen Player  




Thank you so much for letting me know about Clive.  He was a very dear friend to me at the time that I lived in Spain.  I know that you will all miss him terribly, and I personally always considered him to be one of the nicest and loveliest people I have ever met.  I shall miss him too.


My very best,








Dear Alan and Maurice


 It is with much sadness I received your email regarding Clive. I knew he had been poorly but hoped he would recover. Alas that was not to be. My first experience of your Dad was with the ICC Europe Academy around 6 years ago when he diligently put together a week of outstanding hospitality for all the boys and his week was topped off by seeing the likes of former England stars Mike Hendrick and Mike Gatting turn up to coach on the newly laid nets he had “persuaded” ICC to fund !!.


 He worked round the clock for us providing food and hospitality for the boys some of who have now gone on to play for their countries or in county cricket such as Boyd Rankin at Warwickshire. He often chatted with the boys and told them all about the Sporting Alfas set up encouraging them to come back with their clubs and their countries. In short he was a true ambassador.


Unfortunately I wont be at the ceremony tomorrow but wish you and the family a warm and loving day full of fond memories of a true gentleman of cricket who lived for the love and spirit of the game.  


With best wishes  


Richard Cox


ICC Europe Academy Coach in 2002-2005






Dear Alan and Maurice,

I met Clive when he and Andrew Bond first set up Alfas Cricket Club. I regard it as an honour to have known your father, to have played cricket with him, and to have been part of the venture that he dedicated so much time and energy to. He was a great support for many of the young people in the club, and a determined and steadfast player in the tricky game of establishing and maintaining not only a very successful cricket club, but also cricket in Spain.Moreover, he was, as many have said, a true gentleman: kind, courteous, generous, loyal, selfless – he set a shining example to those around him. I will miss him, as will many of those who knew him. And I will remember him with the greatest respect.

My condolences to you both, and to Ann. I’m sorry I can’t attend on Wednesday, but I will be thinking of you all,

Tony Prior.  






Dear Alan and Maurice,




It is also with deep regret that I read of the passing of your kind father.  Having played at SACC on six different tours I swiftly came to appreciate the great deal of effort and passion that your father put into cricket on the Costa Blanca.  We are returning for a seventh tour in March and I shall miss the opportunity of talking with your father and discussing cricket over there.  I regret that I won’t be able to make the service but all who have toured with me would want to wish the very best to you and Ann.




With kind regards, 








I am sad to hear of Clive’s death and though I remember his sons from when they lived in Eastcote they will probably not know me. I played cricket with Clive throughout school and later with the Old Lyonians CC. I played against him only once when he joined Chesham CC and try as I might, as an opening bowler, I hardly got past his broad bat as he compliled an elegant hundred. He achieved much after moving to Spain despite getting cancer many years ago and later suffering a huge personal tragedy. He was a good friend. 


David Smith







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