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Cricket Espana held a very successful Junior Festival Day at La Manga as part of the ICC Centenary celebrations. Under the guidance of the director of Junior Cricket, Neil Brook the youngsters participated in skill schools relating to batting, bowling, fielding and catching. John Dye, the former Northants and Kent professional was on hand to give tips and advice to the Juniors and the event culminated with a 10 over match for the hard-ballers and a kwik cricket competition for the soft-ballers.

                         (Spanish Junior Girls at the Cricket Espana Junior Festival) 

The teams and schools taking part in the event were El Liminar International School, Mar Azul International School, and Las Claras School. The Junior cricket academies at Sporting Alfas, San Flugencio and La Manga Lions were also represented and the girls team was made up of a combination of all the participating Juniors.

Half way through the day the youngsters stopped for lunch, just before the group winners of the catching and throwing competitions sparred off against each other for the title of Junior Festival Champions. The following players won medals in the categories listed..

       (A Junior taking part in the throwing competition)

Throwing the Cricket Ball the farthest distance

Under 8    Andy Simon                 San Fluengio CC
Under 11  James Wilson-Pestell    Mar Azul School / La Manga Lions CC
Under 13  Adam Algar                  San Fluengio CC
Under 15  Jesus Rodriquez Gall    Las Claras
Under 17  Charlie Baker               San Fluengio CC
                        (Another Junior taking part in one of the skill school)
Catching the cricket ball
Under 8    Nicky Tallowin             Mar Azul School
Under 11  Jack Perman               Sporting Alfas CC 
Under 13  Taylor Caine               Mar Azul School
               Harry Marshall            Sporting Alfas CC
Under 15  Elliot Dawes                Sporting Alfas CC
Under 17  Megan Byrne               El Limonar School
A special award was given to Antonio Gomez Brown for the best catch of the day, and  El Liminar won the kwik cricket match pipping La Manga Lions. The ten over hard ball match with a mixture of the older Juniors and Seniors was won by a combined team from Alfas and San Fluengio.
It was left to Juan Carlos Rodriguez, the president of CE to present the medals, and wrap up the days events by thanking the parents, the participants and the CE directorate for such a successful day.  
                                       (Some of the Junior Teams in a Group Photo)


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