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First Interschool indoor Tournament Barcelona 28th October 2014.

Barcelona hosted the first indoor interschool cricket tournament of mixed Category of under-16 at the indoor pavilion of University of Barcelona.

A project directed by Robert Masih Nahar, vice-president of the Catalan Federation of Cricket, that the Federation conceived to drive the sport of cricket in to the Catalan schools. Before reaching to this stage many cricket workshops had been conducted by the federation into various schools of Catalonia, so that the sporty youngsters could put in practical their skills.

Two schools took part in the tournament with four teams of each, Nazareth Esplugues, with boys and girls of 3º and 4º of ESO, and The El Til.ler de Les Franqueses de Vallès, with boys and girls of 4º of ESO.

The big level of game showed by the participants surprised to the spectators of the tournament, about 250 youngsters were present to see the action and to support the teams from their respective schools. The team of The Frankneses achieved the highlight in classifying to three of his four teams for semi-finals, but the players of Esplugues did not leave the opportunity to turn them into champions and won the tournament by Esplugues.

In the presentation ceremony Mrs. Lidia Flaqué, technical of planning and control of the management of sportive installations to the Institute Barcelona Sports, of the City council, and the Mr. Santi Siquier, territorial representative of the Sport in Barcelona of Catalan Government along with Khalid Shabaz Akhtar, president of the Catalan Federation, presented the medals and trophies.

The players of different match’s medals gone to Mariona Camps, Marina Gómez, Manel López, Guillem Ballesteros, Johann Delgado and Erik González. Later Mr. Robert Masih Nahar delivered the practice kits with material of training and the basic guide of cricket to the representatives of the both schools, Srta. Miriam Varela and Mr. Daniel Banegas.

The vice-president of the federation congratulated to all the participating players and encouraged them to continue practising this sport so that in future more school teams can participate in the competitions, he also thanked to the coordinators of the project “Cricket to the schools”, Mr. Khurram Shehzad, Marta Marzal, as a the contributors that have taken part in the organisation of the tournament, Muhammad Adnan Malik, Armghan Khan, Sandeep Saini, Gurdeep Saini, Imran Ali, Yasir Ali and Majid Jahangir.

Robert Masih

Cataluyna Cricket Assocaition




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