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Sporting Alfas’ progress towards its seventh Cricket España title within nine years was unhindered by the visit of La Manga C.C. as the home side eased its way to a comfortable six wicket victory. 

La Manga C.C. 171-9                Sporting Alfas  172-4  

La Manga C.C. won the toss and, not unexpectedly, chose to bat on what was an oppressively hot afternoon.  The score progressed slowly against the Alfas opening attack and by the tenth over had reached thirty for the loss of N. Brook. who was well caught at slip by Howe off the bowling of Muñoz who completed five excellent over claiming 1-14.  The total was taken to forty-six, at which point, Riley who looked to be in good form was unnecessarily run out.  The scoring rate almost came to a standstill as Laundon, Bacon and Taylor conceded only twelve runs in nine overs which looked to have condemned La Manga to a low final total.  Zaid flourished briefly, before his second attempted reverse sweep was found wanting as he was bowled by Taylor .  Goldsmith (35) and Boon then featured in a stand of fifty-five for the fifth wicket, but when they were dismissed in quick succession by Crompton, the innings collapsed to leave the final score standing at 171.  For Alfas, Crompton claimed 3-25 and Laundon produced eight economical overs that cost him just twenty runs. 

The La Manga C.C. total was never likely to be a challenge to Alfas unless it could take early wickets.  Although Alfas lost a wicket in the first over, the La Manga bowling lacked penetration and Climent, making a welcome return after injury, and W. Ul-Rehman took the score to sixty-four by the thirteenth over when the latter was bowled by Ruble.  Howe joined Climent and with sensible batting they added eighty-seven for the third wicket before Climent (58), became Riley’s second victim.  With Alfas in sight of victory, Howe (39) fell to the bowling of Davis , and it was left to Crompton to finish the match in style with a lofted six. 

It had been a good all round performance by Alfas which had resulted in a very comfortable win with ten overs of the match remaining.   

Sporting Alfas 1 v La Manga C.C.     28/07/2007
Columbus Oval             
Umpires: R. Graham & R. Kew Scorers: D. Coleman  
Result: Sporting Alfas 1 won by 6 wickets        
LA MANGA C.C.          
N. Brook   ct Howe b Muñoz 3  
G. Parker   Retired  Not Out   22  
N. Riley   Run Out   18  
A. Zaid     b Taylor 27  
R. Goldsmith   st Ali b Crompton 35  
Ruble     b Taylor 4  
J. Boon   ct Mudassar b Crompton 24  
R. Lobb   st Ali b Crompton 6  
P. Davis   ct Climent b Lupson 0  
G. Wambeek   ct Ali b Lupson 7  
G. Potton   Not Out   2  
    Extras b4  lb2  w15  nb1 22  
      Total 171-9  
Fall of wickets 1-11 (Brook)  2-46 (Riley)  3-82 (Zaid)  4-100 (Ruble)  
  5-155 (Boon)  6-157 (Goldsmith)  7-158 (Davis)  
  8-165 (Lobb)  9-171 (Wambeek)    
S. Lupson 7.4  0  39  2      
C. Muñoz 5    1  14  1      
K. Laundon 8    2  20  0      
A. Bacon 3   1    2   0      
W. Ul-Rehman 4    0  18  0      
G. Crompton       3 0  25  3      
SPORTING ALFAS 1          
S. Ali   ct Lobb b Riley 4  
D. Climent     b Riley 58  
W. Ul-Rehman     b Ruble 27  
G. Howe   lbw b Davis 39  
G. Crompton   Not Out   14  
M. Yousaf   Not Out   0  
S. Lupson   Did Not Bat      
C. Muñoz   Did Not Bat      
K. Laundon   Did Not Bat      
P. Taylor   Did Not Bat      
A. Bacon   Did Not Bat      
    Extras b5  lb5  w18  nb2 30  
      Total 172-4  
Fall of wickets 1-4 (Ali)  2-64 (W.Ul-Rehman)  3 157 (Climent)  
  4-168 ( Howe)      
N. Riley 8  2  31  2      
A. Zaid 6.1  1 30 0      
G Potton 6  0  43  0      
Ruble 3  0  28  1      
G. Wambeek 2  0  9  0      
P. Davis 5  1  21  1



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