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Sporting Alfas showed they would be a force to be reckoned with in this years league with a comprehensive 10 wicket victory in the season opener.

Valencia won the toss and elected to bat, a decision they were soon regretting when both openers were back in the pavillion with the visitors yet to reach double figures.

Alfas were dominant in all aspects of the game, but especially in their fielding, which was exemplary throughout the match. This was highlighted by Howe who took two sharp slip catches and a third equally difficult catch that was skied high into the air and came down with snow on the ball.

With skipper Laundon bowling his 9 overs consecutively and bagging two wickets in the process the visitors never looked like utilising all their overs. Waseem offered a little resistance batting at six, but with extras being the top score in the Valencia innings the visitors had it all to do at the interval stage.

Alfas put the Valencia bowling attack to the sword immediately and never looked troubled in chasing down 119 runs. Openers Howe and Spencer played with poise and class and dispatched runs to all corners of the ground.

Spencer, had one moment of luck, when he was dropped at first slip, with the game all but over, but the opener gained his composure and along with Howe saw the game through for Alfas to record a resounding result. 

Costa League 1 2010

Sporting Alfas 1 v Valencia
9 May 2010
Woodbridge Oval
Costa League 1
Result: Alfas won by 10 wickets
Points:  Alfas 20 points Valencia 1 point

Toss:    Valencia
Umpires: Brian Pitts, John Howden

Naveed             Ct Howe Bowled Launon    5   C Munoz               5    1    18    2
Safraz               Ct Crompton B Munoz    0   K Laundon             9    1    36    3
Yabbar                 Ct Morgan B Munoz   10   F Afzal               6    2    14    2
Nisar                        Lbw Laundon   10   S Lupson              3    0    21    0
T Iqbal              Ct Morgan B Laundon    7   Wasim                 4    1    15    3
W Waris                          Not Out   16   P Taylor              2    1     2    0
Qasim             Ct Howe Bowled Afzal      5                                          
Ashan             Ct Taylor Bowld Afazal   10                                          
Asif                        Bowled Wasim    7                                          
Faisal             Ct Munoz Bowled Wasim   12                                          
A Ali                 Ct Laundon B Wasim    0                                          
  Extras      (b 5, lb 8, nb , w 24, p )   37
  Total            (all out, 29.0 overs)  119


M Spencer                        Not Out   69   Faisal                6    0    32    0
G Howe                           Not Out   43   Asad                  2    0    19    0
G Crompton                           Dnb        Asif                  1    0     6    0
P Pennick                            Dnb        Safraz                1    0    18    0
Wasim                                Dnb        Ahshan                2    0    26    0
C Munoz                              Dnb        Nisar                 1    0     8    0
K Laundon                            Dnb        Waseem                1    0    13    0
J Morgan                             Dnb                                               
S Lupson                             Dnb                                               
F Afzal                              Dnb                                               
P Taylor                             Dnb                                               
  Extras       (b , lb 1, nb 2, w 8, p )   11
  Total             (0 wkts, 14.0 overs)  123

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