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Hello folks

Having focused on some young talent in La Manga then Madrid, I make my way back to Barcelona. Back in March I did my very first interview during the lockdown with brother and sister, Drhuv and Darshita Kooran Paul.

Well It’s brother and sister time again, and here in Catalunya there are two very exciting young players. Hashim Shah plays for the Barna Royals Cricket Club and his sister Uswa Syed, plays for Trintat in the Women’s Cricket League.

The Catalunya junior coach describes Uswa as one of the most promising young cricketers in the team while her brother is a very talented all rounder, great batter, and fantastic wicket keeper who loves to take his gloves off to have a bowl too….

Uswa and Hashim, welcome and thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

Rico : How old are you?

Uswa : Hola, I ’m 15 years old.

Hashim : Hi, I am 17 years old.

Rico : At what age did you start playing cricket, and where?

Uswa :  When I was 7 in Pakistan, I started cricket.

Hashim :  13 years and in Islamabad Pakistan.

Rico : What is your first memory of cricket?

Uswa :- When I took 4 wickets in an over last year during a 3 team one day tournament.

Hashim : When I made my first half century during the 2017 junior league.

Rico : Under normal circumstances, where and when do you practice playing cricket?

Uswa :  I practice in Montjuic and also at home.    

Hashim : I also practice at home in the evenings, but during the day there is huge ground near to my home.

Rico : Do you see yourself as a batter or bowler?

Uswa : I see my self as a batter.

Hashim : I see myself more of a batter than bowler, but I am a wicket keeper/batter.

Rico : What, where and when do you think was your best performance to date?

Uswa : When I was in Pakistan, I scored 99 in the night match, it was my best experience.

Hashim : In Dubai I scored back to back half centuries and I helped my team to win the series.

Rico : Why do you like to play cricket?

Uswa :  I like cricket because I have been playing since childhood.

Hashim : Because it’s my passion and profession.

Rico : What is the best thing about cricket in Spain?

Uswa :  One thing I like about cricket in Spain that our coaches teach us great tricks and skills.

Hashim : In Spain we play a lot leagues that will help players to improve their skills.

Rico : What if anything is the most disappointing thing about cricket in Spain?

Uswa : One thing I don’t like about cricket in Spain is that there are no clubs for girls.

Hashim : There are not enough grounds, so we dont dont have proper clubs proper coaches.

Rico : What’s your most memorable cricket experience in Spain?

Uswa : When I played in the tournament and took 4 wickets.

Hashim : I have played 3 consistent seasons of under 19, and while I was the captain of my team we won all 3 tournaments.

Rico : As a player, where would you like to see yourself in 15 years time?

Uswa :  I want to see myself playing at international level.

Hashim : I want to see my self as an international cricketer.     

Rico : Who is your favourite player and why?

Uswa : My favourite player is Virat Kholi because I really like his shots.

Hashim : Virat Kholi because he is pure class.

Rico : If you could have dinner tonight with any famous person in the world, who would it be and why?

Uswa : Mahira khan because she is my favourite one thing I really like about her she helps poor people.  

Hashim : Virat Kholi, because he is the best and I want to learn from him.

Rico : What effect has Covid19 had on your young lives, for better and worse?

Uswa : We can’t hang out with our friends. We can’t go to school and we can’t practice outside and spend time with family.

Hashim : Bad thing for me was that I was on holiday to Pakistan, so with Covid-19 prevented me coming back home to Spain.

Rico : Now that some of the lockdown rules have been relaxed, what have you been able to enjoy that you couldn’t before?

Uswa : I can practice outside near home, and really I enjoy it.

Hashim : Now I able to go outside form my practice session, that’s my biggest enjoyment.

Rico : If you had a message to all people your age during these difficult times, what would it be?   

Uswa – Stay at home stay safe wash your Hands again and again. 

Hashim : Stay safe, stay home wash your hands again and again, do physical training at home ,maintain social distance.

Thank you Uswa and Hashim, lets hope you both can get loads of cricket in before the end of the year. Was great to see the attached video of you both in the nets. https://youtu.be/SaM5JApbtS8

Take care and stay safe





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