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20th May 2007

Promoted Finland, Croatia and Iberian rivals Portugal have been drawn together in the Divison 3 Championship in Brussels later this summer.

Spain open their programe on the Sunday with a game against Croatia, followed by Finland on Monday the 20th. Tuesday sees the teams get a rest day before their last league game on Wednesday with neighbours Portugal. In the other group are the hosts Belguim, Isle of Man, Malta and Cyprus.

The games will be played in Brussels between 19th and 25th of August 2007.

Fixtures & Results

Group A: Croatia, Finland, Portugal, Spain
Group B: Belgium, Cyprus, Isle of Man, Malta 


  • Sunday 19 August
    • Spain v Croatia
    • Portugal v Finland
    • Belgium v Isle of Man
    • Malta v Cyprus
  • Monday 20 August Tuesday 21 August - rain day
    • Finland v Spain
    • Croatia v Portugal
    • Cyprus v Belgium
    • Isle of Man v Malta
  • Wednesday 22 August
    • Spain v Portugal
    • Croatia v Finland
    • Belgium v Malta
    • Isle of Man v Cyprus
  • Thursday 23 August - semi-finals Friday 24 August - rain day
    • 1st-4th: A1 v B2
    • 1st-4th: B1 v A2
    • 5th-8th: A3 v B4
    • 5th-8th: B3 v A4
  • Saturday 25 August
    • Final: winners of 1st-4th semi-finals
    • 3rd-4th: losers of 1st-4th semi-finals
    • 5th-6th: winners of 5th-8th semi-finals
    • 7th-8th: losers of 5th-8th semi-finals