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25th December 2009


It is not unusual for soccer teams to take a break at La Manga to recharge their batteries in the Murcia sunshine. In the past few months Celtic and West Brom have graced the resort and recently Steve Maclaren`s FC Twente from the Dutch first division visited for a short break.

During a routine training session one of their players, the Costa Rican International Brian Ruiz took time out to try his hand at cricket. Ruiz, who has played 31 times for the National side and has scored nine goals can be seen here holding a bat in the photo below. The article that is in Dutch appeared in their national press, the only blip being that the reporter placed La Manga in Portugal, and not Spain as we all know it is. Below the Dutch article is a translation in English.

Krijg nou wat! FC Twente-spits Bryan Ruiz maakt reclame voor cricket

Bryan Ruiz cricket


Bryan Ruiz, de succesvolle Costa Ricaanse spits Ruiz van Eredivisie-aanvoerder FC Twente, maakt prachtig reclame voor cricket. Een zomersport die enige aandacht goed kan gebruiken. Hartelijk dank daarvoor, zeg ik als levenslange cricketfan. Ruiz, door De TelegraafGroeibriljant van FC Twente‘ genoemd, staat vandaag op de foto in de Telesportbijlage van die krant met een heus cricketbat in zijn hand. Ook leuk van De Telegraaf om dat plaatje te plaatsen (hopelijk doet de KNCB, de Kon. Ned. Cricket Bond hier nog wat mee, pr-wise). Locatie: een oefenkooi in La Manga in Portugal – ja, ze spelen overal ter wereld cricket. Die blauwe paaltjes linksonder is het wicket dat omgegooid moet worden door de werper, de bowler (meer over cricket hier). Die is niet te zien op de foto, maar dat zou best eens FC Twente’s succescoach Steve McLaren kunnen zijn, want deze Brit weet natuurlijk alles van The King of Sports. FC Twente traint heel serieus in La Manga en dan is een beetje cricket natuurlijk een prima ontspanning. 


Bryan Ruiz, the successful striker from Costa Rica, currently playing for FC Twente has advertised for cricket – a summer sport which can use some free advertisement - during a trainings session. Ruiz, called the glorious diamond of FC Twente, by De Telegraaf, has been pictured today in the Telesport section of this news paper with a real cricket bat in his hand. This also is some good advertisement for the KNCB (Dutch Cricket Association) . The location is a practice cage in La Manga in Portugal (Spain actually). Yes this game is played everywhere in the world nowadays.The blue posts at the side are the wicket that has to be thrown down by the bowler. That cannot be seen on this picture, however, that could have been FC Twente´s successful coach Steve McLaren, because this British citizen knows of course how to play the King of Sports. FC Twente is on a serious training stage in La Manga and a game of cricket is of course a good way of relaxing.....