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4th April 2019
To make sure that every kids practice sports in school as access to sport Barcelona city government has initiated a project called "L'escola fa esport a la ciutat" (School sports in the city) . Previously under this project there was other sports activities but with the success of the project "Barcelona Cricket Jove" city council decided to add cricket as one of the sports of this project.

Around 300 students came to the CEM Mar bella near the Sant Marti beach of Barcelona as part of this activity. Where FEEB provided all the support to learn and play cricket.

10 instructors put the children into five different groups to teach them batting, bowling, fielding and finally playing a match. In this sports complex there is a rugby ground with athletics track and also a indoor ground. The 10 groups utilise different parts of this sports complex.

FEEB(Fundación para El deporte y La Educación de Barcelona) is organizing several cricket workshops since last few years. Their biggest event "Festa Convivim" will be celebrate soon. Slogan of this event is "Living with sports", cricket is one of the sports activity of this festival. Where thousands of students from primary and secondary schools of Barcelona come and participate in different sports.

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Photo Credit - FEEB