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21st May 2018

ECCL and new Laws of cricket 2018 

New laws of cricket came into force with effect from 1 October 2017.  In establishing  the playing conditions for 2018 the Committee reviewed the relationship between the existing playing conditions and the new laws.

It was decided that, in general, the new laws would apply with two exceptions.  Firstly, where the playing conditions had in the past departed from the laws (e.g. declerations) these differences would remain.  Secondly it was decided that it would be appropriate:

(a)   To retain the condition (11.2 a and b) that a slow paced delivery that passes over the waist but not the shoulder is not to be penalised.

The reason for this approach is that, in the ECCL,slow paced deliveries that pass above waist height are usually accidental and do not give rise to any danger.

(b)   To retain the CE code of conduct to deal with general disciplinary matters.

The reasons for this decisión are primarily that the ECCL has not faced the type of problems that prompted the adoption of the disciplinary provisions contained in the new laws. In addition, there is currently insufficient practical guidance from the application of the new law at levels equivalent to the ECCL. This decision will be reviewed next year.

Vince O'Reilly