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19th April 2018

Cricket Espana recently received this information from Nadim, Aseq A Aman, who is the President of Badalona Cricket Club, a junior cricket club with players between 14 and 19 years old .. 

 In Catalunya we're doing some cricketing activities in school. Where we have female groups in different schools in Barcelona. It's a project run by ayuntamiento de barcelona called "Barcelona cricket jove". Xoan Vazques is the coordinator of this project. I'm one of the coaches of this project and also umpire of the league. I give clases to the boys of some schools. We've also some female colleagues who controls the girls groups.

13th April was an historical day for us. We've started first female cricket league in Barcelona. We called it Cricket Sala. We are running this project. It's an extracurricular activities of schools. Bellow is the link of the news published in one of the principal newspaper of spain El Periodico.