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23rd May 2017

Just hours after beating Madrid in a league game on Saturday at Sonseca in the provence of Toledo members of Madrid Stars got in their cars and drove to the Basque country to take part in a Cricket Tape Ball competition.

Arriving at 2 am on the Sunday morning the players got very little sleep before playing four matches in the ten team competition. The Stars performed admirably in the event and advanced to the semi final stage before being knocked out of the competition.

The majority of the other teams came from around ten - twenty kms. from the town of Bergara and in all over 200 people took part in the event.

The matches were six overs a side and the whole event took place in just one day. Madrid Stars eventually arrived back in the capital at three am on the Monday morning bleary eyed and exhausted but content after a very enjoyable weekend of cricket.

Well done Madrid Stars ..

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